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MAPPA’s Ex-Animator Exposes the Popular Studio’s Hellish Working Conditions

Almost every anime fan knows about the cruel working conditions of the animators in Japan. A recent news will remind you just how deep this problem runs.

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In a recent tweet of MAPPA’s ex-animator, it was revealed that the staff members not only put their heart and soul into the work but also an unhealthy number of working hours for the production of anime.

While the whole world is in awe of MAPPA’s back-to-back hit anime series, the darker side of the studio is often overlooked.

Mushiyo is currently a freelance animator and he has stated his reasons for leaving MAPPA through a Twitter thread on 14th May. The senior animator and has shone light on the unhealthy working conditions in the studio.

Mushiyo has explained that MAPPA was unprepared when four major projects were accepted. With four projects running at once, you can bet the animators had a hellish schedule.

He also revealed that the junior or lower-ranking animators were stuck in a loop of correcting mistakes. They could not draw anything and neither was there any time for them to be trained. He commented that the situation was almost like working in a factory.

According to Mushiyo, 80% of the staff had a similar problem and many staff members have also left due to the back-breaking schedule.

Meanwhile, MAPPA has posted a tweet announcing that the studio is recruiting; fans believe that it is because of the large number of animators who have left that the studio needs to recruit again.

Sendai Studio Drawing Department Jobs Updated 🧙⇒
Reception will be until 6/14 (Monday) 💨 We are waiting for your application ❗️

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Attack on Titan is known for its grueling animation schedule, plus the creators decided to amp up the series even more. It is this decision that led WIT studio to back down from the task and not many other studios were willing to take up the job.

MAPPA’s Ex-Animator Exposes the Popular Studio’s Hellish Working Conditions
Attack on Titan | Source: Fandom

MAPPA scored Attack on Titan Season 4, so it is no surprise that the animators are suffering. Additionally, the studio also produced Jujutsu Kaisen at around the same time.

A deeper dive into the salaries offered by several studios will show you that staff members don’t have a grand income and are almost forced to do overtime if they want to make a living.

Japan’s anime culture looks like a rosy scenario to outsiders but its reality is heart-breaking. Even Kyoharu Gotoge, the creator of Demon Slayer, was paid only a small percentage out of Mugen Train’s sales.

This dim reality is only getting worse and worse with every passing day. Creators who are working so that fans can connect with their creations deserve our sincere respect.

Source: Mushiyo Twitter

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