AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs’ Launch Delayed to September 27th Due to BIOS issues

According to earlier leaks, AMD was to announce its Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPUs based on the AM5 platform on August 29th, subsequently launching them on September 15th. This would’ve given these processors a headstart on Intel’s 13th gen Raptor Lake CPUs. 

Unfortunately, yesterday we got to know that AMD has postponed the launch of its next-gen CPUs to September 27th. The announcement date will still be August 29th, when AMD will give more important information on the next-gen CPU series, such as SKU specs and pricing. 

Now, it has been revealed that the delayed launch of AMD Ryzen 7000 is due to BIOS-related issues. The news came from reviewers on the Chiphell forum claiming that they were informed about the NDA change and postponed launch. 

AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs' Launch Delayed to September 27th Due to BIOS issues
Chiphell Ryzen 7000 NDA

AMD will have to work fast towards these BIOS issues, as Intel is also rumored to announce its Raptor Lake CPUs around the end of September. Although AMD never really confirmed the September 15th launch date, we kind off already knew as there were hints from insiders, partners, and a leaked image from AMD themselves

These minor hiccups are expected whenever a new generation of hardware comes along, and to be honest, it was a surprise that AMD was working right on schedule. Even after solving these issues, minor problems are sure to arise in the first few weeks of the launch. 

For those wondering what these BIOS issues are related to, there are several revisions, with each focusing on various optimizations, fixes, and support. The current SMU has been updated to 84.73 and supports AMD Ryzen 7000 16-core and 12-core CPUs, while the previous one added better OC capabilities for DDR5 memory. 

AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs' Launch Delayed to September 27th Due to BIOS issues
AMD Ryzen

AMD wants to update the BIOS prior to the launch of the AM5 platform so rather than delivering Ryzen CPUs early only for users to go through a cumbersome BIOS update process, AMD rescheduled the launch to a later date for a smoother and better first-time experience for users on their next-gen platform. 

Not to mention, BIOS is an integral part of these CPUs, and it must be almost perfect at the time of launch as nobody wants a bad first impression. A two-week delay suggests that these are just last-minute optimizations from AMD, and thankfully nothing major. 

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