JJK: All Special Grade Sorcerers’ Cursed Techniques – Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen has its own unique power scaling system that categorizes the strength of sorcerers, cursed spirits, and even cursed objects and tools.

This system is called Grading, and it consists of the following ranks, in ascending order of power: Grade 4, Grade 3, Semi-Grade 2, Grade 2, Semi-Grade 1, Grade 1, Special Grade 1, and Special Grade.

Special Grade jujutsu sorcerers are among the most powerful characters in the series, capable of withstanding and performing unbelievably strong cursed techniques.

There are only 4 known Special Grade sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen, each with innate overpowered cursed techniques: Satoru Gojo, with Limitless, Suguru Geto with Cursed Spirit Manipulation, Yuta Okkotsu with Rika, and Yuki Tsukumo, with Star Rage.

With boundless destructive potential, these Special Grade sorcerers go much beyond what is deemed possible of normal jujutsu sorcerers. Let’s discuss what makes them so special and explore the immeasurably powerful cursed techniques they can perform.

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo’s inherited cursed technique Limitless and his special Six Eyes ability, along with his immense cursed energy and Unlimited Void Domain Expansion, make him a Special Grade jujutsu sorcerer.

1. Special Grade Cursed Technique: Limitless

Satoru Gojo’s main cursed technique is Limitless, the strongest cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen. It is an inherited technique passed down the Gojo Family, but what makes it so powerful especially within Satoru, is the fact that he possesses Six Eyes, the insanely rare ocular jujutsu.

Only those who possess Six Eyes can utilize Limitless to its maximum potential, and since Gojo has both, he is invincible.

Limitless grants Gojo the ability to manipulate the space around him. It basically manifests in 3 ways: Infinity, Blue, and Red. It also manifests as Purple, a combination of the latter 2.

I. Infinity

Infinity is the base state of Limitless which lets Gojo control an invisible aura around him that can slow down and entirely stop an object when it broaches the aura boundary. This aura also lets him gauge the power and threat of whatever is approaching him.

With this ability, there will always be an infinity between Gojo and anyone or anything else in the world, but, of course, this power can be control so he can actually touch objects and come in contact with people.

JJK: All Special Grade Sorcerers’ Cursed Techniques – Explained!
Infinity stopping an attack of lava | Source: Fandom

Infinity kind of mimics the concept of a black hole, where the aura acts as Gojo’s event horizon; any unwanted attack or person cannot actually reach Gojo himself, since the cursed technique divides the finite amount of space between Gojo and the approaching object and divides it an infinite amount of times.

II. Lapse: Blue

Cursed Technique Lapse Blue is the strengthened version of Limitless, and the second manifestation of Gojo’s inherited cursed technique, Limitless.

It brings the concept of negative distance to reality, which essentially means that Gojo can initiate an imploding force by creating a vacuum using negative cursed energy.

The vacuum acts like black hole – the magnetic effect of Blue can generate a huge field of attraction, that can even target faster moving targets in a wider range.

III. Reversal: Red

Cursed Technique Reversal Red is the exact opposite of blue, and is the third manifestation of Gojo’s inherited cursed technique, Limitless.

It is a pushing or repelling force achieved by using reverse cursed energy. A red orb emerges from Gojo, which shoots lasers and causes even the most powerful cursed spirits to explode.

The energy output of Red is at least twice as much as the output of Blue.

IV. Hollow: Purple

Cursed Technique Hollow: Purple is a fusion of both Blue and Red, colliding convergence and divergence, attraction and repulsion, implosion and explosion, to create an imaginary mass that instantly erases the target from reality.

This is the concept of a singularity in action, where the target is destroyed to a molecular level and obliterated into oblivion.

V. Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void

Unlimited Void is the Domain Expansion barrier cursed technique of Limitless. It traps an object within infinity.

Gojo can overwhelm his enemy with so much unlimited information that they are rendered frozen under its pressure and amazingness.

2. Special Supporting Cursed Ability: Six Eyes

Six Eyes places an important role in the utilization of Limitless. Gojo is the first jujutsu sorcerer to be born with Limitless as well as Six Eyes together in the last 100 years. This makes him special among the Gojo family and among the other Special Grade sorcerers.

Six Eyes is an enigmatic concept. It grants the user extraordinary perception and the perfect ability to use Limitless to 100%.

Basically, with Six Eyes, Gojo can use Limitless limitlessly. Without it, there would be a limit to how much he could use his powers without his energy being completely exhausted.

JJK: All Special Grade Sorcerers’ Cursed Techniques – Explained!
Six Eyes | Source: Fandom

Six Eyes can be used in conjunction with all versions of Gojo’s cursed technique, Limitless, allowing him immense control and complex manipulation of cursed energy. With Six Eyes, Gojo can never run out of cursed energy, although it evidently tires him out.

Gojo also mentions that with Six Eyes, he can not only sort objects into different danger levels through the amount of cursed energy they possess, but also by mass, speed, and shape. This process used to be manual but now it’s entirely automatic.

The power of Limitless, combined with Six Eyes, and the inexhaustible amount of cursed energy it provides, makes Gojo the strongest character in the series, even above the other 3 Special Grade users.

Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto’s primary cursed technique was Cursed Spirit Manipulation, including Uzumaki, which is its maximum technique or its most powerful attack.

Geto was said to be almost at par with Gojo, but his journey led him astray and eventually Gojo surpassed him.

1. Special Grade Cursed Technique: Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Cursed Spirit Manipulation allowed Geto to control curses and cursed spirits, including Special Grade cursed spirits, and absorb them into black orbs which he can swallow for storage and regurgitate for usage.

He could also absorb other jujutsu sorcerer’s curses as long as he exorcised them and got rid of the users first.

Geto could extract the cursed techniques of Semi-Grade 1 and above cursed spirits, which gave him a gigantic and varied arsenal.

Like Shikigami, the absorbed cursed spirits could be summoned at will, where Geto could create different portals for them to emerge from.

There was also no limit to how many curses he could exorcise, consume, and unleash, which is what set him apart from other summoning type of cursed techniques, like Megumi’s. Unfortunately, it was this endless cycle that threw Geto off the rails.

JJK: All Special Grade Sorcerers’ Cursed Techniques – Explained!
Cursed Spirit Manipulation | Source: Fandom

He could also manipulate curses simultaneously, giving him the advantage of offense, defense, flight, surveillance, restraint, and others all at once.

I. Maximum: Uzumaki

Maximum Uzumake lets Geto combine a large number of cursed spirits into one swirling cursed spirit that contains a soaring amount of condensed cursed energy.

JJK: All Special Grade Sorcerers’ Cursed Techniques – Explained!
https://jujutsu-kaisen.fandom.com/wiki/ | Source: Crunchyroll

In this state, the cursed spirits might be at the disposal of Uzumaki, but the cursed techniques are in control by Geto. This makes him doubly powerful.

After the Night Parade in which Geto unleashed 2000 of his curses, Geto combined the remaining 4461 cursed spirits within him in the form of Uzumaki.

He used this in his final battle against Yuta and Rika.

Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu was initially haunted by the Special Grade cursed human, Rika Orimoto, but now he can fully manifest the cursed spirit Rika and access and control her cursed energy, making him a Special Grade sorcerer.

He could go toe-to-toe with Geto, who himself was almost as strong as Gojo.

1. Special Grade Cursed Technique: Rika

Rika is Yuta’s innate cursed technique that can manifest on its own accord to protect him.

Rika was named the Queen of Curses because of her power. Rika and Yuta are connected through Rika Orimoto’s ring.

Yuta can use Rika’s power – her cursed energy, cursed techniques, and cursed tools – through his connection.

JJK: All Special Grade Sorcerers’ Cursed Techniques – Explained!
Yuta with Rika | Source: Fandom

I. Complete Manifestation

When connected to Rika by the ring, Yuta can manifest Rika and her cursed power completely. This connection is so powerful that it can be sustained for a total of just 5 minutes.

While in this form, Yuta can copy an unlimited number of cursed techniques, even if they are inherited techniques, which means he could potentially copy Limitless and Six Eyes. He has replicated Toge’s Cursed Speech, inherited only through the Inumaki bloodline.

Rika can also offer Yuta her huge collection of cursed tools – like the Steel Arm he uses against Uro.

II. Cursed Energy Manipulation

Yuta and Rika (spirit) retain the immeasurable amounts of cursed energy she possessed when bound Orimoto’s soul. Rika can not only store cursed energy for Yuta, but she can refill his massive amounts of cursed energy, which exceed that of even Satoru Gojo.

This grants him immense strength and durability and also certain healing powers. He also has a superior reinforcement technique and advanced cursed energy control, along with a refined reverse cursed technique.

Yuki Tsukumo

JJK: All Special Grade Sorcerers’ Cursed Techniques – Explained!
Yuki Tsukumo | Source: Fandom

Yuki’s cursed technique was recently revealed in the latest manga chapter 205. It’s called Star Rage/Wrath of the Star, which she uses in her fight against Kenjaku.

Yuki was a former Star Plasma Vessel and her technique must have helped her to refuse fusing with Tengen. It also explains how she could repel Uraume’s Icefall cursed technique almost with 0 effort.

1. Special Grade Cursed Technique: Star Rage

Star Rage is a technique where Yuki can give herself virtual mass. She can increase her mass so much that it surpasses anything inside or outside of other cursed techniques. This in turn increases her force to an extent that her power is unquantifiable.

This makes her near-immune to a whole bunch of attacks directed at her or her Shikigami, Garuda. Since Star Rage increases mass, it makes Yuki and Garuda too massive to become a victim to curses and attacks directly aimed at them.

Since this mass is virtual and not actual, Yuki’s imbued mass has no effect on herself, meaning that her speed and durability is not affected.

Kenjaku rightly realizes that he cannot use high-grade cursed spirits on her because they wouldn’t have any impact. Yuki also manages to crush all the bones in Kenjaku’s arm without breaking a sweat.

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