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Alice In Borderland, Netflix Original, Announces Second Season

A must watch series for all gore lovers, Alice in Borderland has announced a second season. The original Netflix series transports the characters into a new world according to Arisu’s wish. However, the new world is not a kid’s playground but a death trap.

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Although the series is liberally sprinkled with death in every episode, the deaths are cunningly plotted and placed throughout the series. It has a death-game survival kind of setting, with some very graphic scenes.

Netflix Japan has released a new short promotional clip that teases the second season of the Alice in Borderland live-action series. The first season of the series debuted early this month, and the second season will continue with the plot.

『今際の国のアリス』シーズン2決定! - Netflix
Short Trailer of Alice In Borderland

The short trailer shows a card which, on being flipped, shows the number 2. ( Yes, that’s the whole video).

Although the series’ title parodies Alice in Wonderland, the city that Arisu and the others are transported to is anything but a wonderland. It is based on a manga of the same name by Hara Aso.

The first season premiered on Netflix on 10th December 2020 with eight episodes. Each episode had a runtime of 50 minutes. The cast and staff members of the series will reprise their roles for the second season.

Alice in Borderland’s manga has received various other spinoff manga adaptations. Daiya no King, Alice on Border Road, Alice in Borderland Retry are all spinoffs from the original manga.

The series was also adapted into a three-episode OVA, which were released from October to November 2014. The first, second, and third episodes were bundled with the 12th, 13th, and 14th volumes of the manga.

About Alice in Borderland

Ryōhei Arisu, a male high school student, is done with his everyday life. He and his two friends meet up and hang out in the town. However, After one blindingly bright explosion, they find themselves waking up in a different world.

Alice In Borderland, Netflix Original, Announces Second Season
Alice in Borderland | Source: Netflix

Finding themselves in a different deserted world, the trio is forced to participate in survival games or die right off the bat. The three fight to live, as well as to find a way back to their own world

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