Dark and Broody Classic “Akuma-kun” to Premiere in November 2023

Akuma-kun is a classic series that has generated multiple adaptations since the 1960s. However, these adaptations are loosely based on the original and have diverged into newer stories.

After years, Toei is finally back with a new rendition of Akuma-kun. This announcement awakened an entire fandom of the previous Akuma-kun series. Many fans eagerly await new updates, and Netflix is back with a trailer to appease them.

Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming anime, Akuma Kun, revealing three new cast members. The anime will premiere on 9 November 2023.

「悪魔くん」予告編 - Netflix

The trailer is dark and provides enough mystery to pique the interest of fans. It provides muted details about the plot, and the animation is phenomenal.

The red and black themes are predominant and draw your attention. The character designs are diverse and stay true to the original animation style.

The official website has revealed a teaser visual featuring Akuma-kun, Mephisto, and Strofire.

Dark and Broody Classic Akuma-kun to Premiere in November 2023
Akuma-kun Teaser Visual | Source: Official Website

Netflix has revealed the new cast members, and here’s the list.

CharacterCastOther Works
StrofireHiro ShimonoAs Conny Springer in “Attack on Titan”
Etsuko Umoregi, Mephisto III’s motherMichiyo YanagisawaAs Curry-pan-man in “Soreike! Anpanman”
SatanYūsaku YaraAs Hiroshi Sakura in “Chibi Maruko-chan”

Akuma-kun is a strong anime with dark themes and fantastic animation. The anime has created huge waves in the community. It has also generated extraordinary levels of nostalgia among the older otakus.

It will be on the top of the Fall 2023 watchlist for many. Have you added this fantastic anime to your watchlist yet?

About Akuma-kun (2023 series)

Akuma-kun is an upcoming ONA series based on the 1963 manga by Shigeru Mizuki. The manga has received several anime adaptations before and the 2023 series celebrates the 100th birth anniversary of Mizuki.

Mr. Sato is summoned by his boss to tutor his only son in exchange for a high-ranking position in the company. Later, he realizes that the child, Ichiro is a boy genius and a master of black magic. The boy wants to open the portal between hell and Earth to take over the world.

Source: Official Website

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