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Aizawa’s mysterious friend revealed

My Hero Academia Vigilante is one of the biggest spin-offs in the anime world. The spin-off has elaborated some major connections between the two series of the Boku No Hero Academia manga.

The spin-off hit fans with a major focus on Shota Aizawa’s arc with regards to his past. Recent events in Shoto Aizawa’s arc reveal a mysterious friend of his. It was the time of Aizawa’s high school days when one major mysterious identity was revealed.

That mysterious identity is Shoto Aizawa and Present Mic’s third friend Shirakumo. Everything about Shirakumo has been revealed in the latest chapter of the spin-off. As we recall, Shirakumo was first mentioned by Aizawa and Present Mic in Chapter 217 of the main series. Present Mic asks Aizawa about the training of Shinso. He asks if Aizawa sees himself in the young Shinso, or if it’s “about Shirakumo.” This was the first mention of Shirakumo. Now in chapter 59 of My Hero Academia: Vigilante, Shirakumo has been fully revealed.

It’s revealed that Shirakumo is one of Aizawa and Present Mic’s classmates at U.A. Academy. He’s got a cloud ability which allows him to form clouds wherever he likes. Furthermore, he is the complete opposite of Aizawa in that, Aizawa is introvert and Shirakumo is loud and cheerful. We also comically see that Shirakumo is willing to go completely nude in class just because he’s a little wet from the rain. That’s all about Aizawa’s mysterious friend, although details about their relationship ( Aizawa and Shirakumo) are yet to be revealed.

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