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Night World’s Stunning Trailer Teases Episode 2’s Plot And Aimer’s Song!

Night World, a short anime series, has been soaring since its first episode was released on 16th April. 

The short story is set in an aesthetically stunning world where a wise owl named Yoru helps others embrace happiness and let go of suffering. The anime also features singer Aimer, known for her theme songs in Fate/Stay Night, Fire force, and Vinland saga! 

Since this anime is an anthology, new characters are introduced every subsequent episode. So, there is certain excitement over the new cast reveal.

Recently, Aimer’s official website released a trailer for the second Night World episode that is set to release on 4th June 2021. Additionally, Aimer’s new song “Gracenote” has been selected as the theme song.

🌙 Short animation “# Night Country”
The release date and preview video of the second night has been unveiled 🎉

⌛ 06.04 (Fri) 23:00
YouTube premiere release

Director: #Ryochimo (@ryo_timo)
Theme song: #Aimer “Gracenote”
Yoru: #Junichi Suwabe (@MY_MURMUR)
Tsumugi: #Emi Nitta (@ nittaemi85)
Hina: #Eriko Matsui (@ErikoMatsui)

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The episode is titled “26-ji no Sagashimono”, which, when translated, means “What I am searching for at 26:00.”

短編アニメ「夜の国」第2夜 -26時の探し物- ( 主題歌:Aimer「グレースノート」)
Short animation “Night Country” 2nd night -What to look for at 26:00- (Theme song: Aimer “Gracenote”)

The new trailer gives us a glimpse of the journey ahead as Yoru helps yet another child. This time it is a young girl named Tsumugi who is having trouble adjusting to school. After throwing away a precious diary, Tsumugi finds herself in the dreamworld with Yoru.

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Will Tsumugi overcome her difficulty, or will she reject this strange world? 

The cast of the Night World anime includes:

CharactersCastNotable work
YoruJunichi SuwabeYami Sukehiro (Black Clover) 
TsumugiEmi NittaHonoka Kousaka (Love Live! School Idol Project)
HinaEriko MatsuiSuzuka (Akame ga Kill!)
KotokoWakana MaruokaRinze Morino (THE [email protected] Shiny Colors)

The staff of the Night World anime includes:

PositionStaffNotable work
Director Ryōchimo (Ryosuke Sawa)Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta 
StoryboardYuya FukudaPokémon: Twilight Wings
Character designNao ChikaokaSword Art Online
MusicHiromi Minamikata--

Aimer’s new song titled “Trill” from her full album “Walpurgis” was the first episode’s theme song. Walpurgis’s name comes from a Christian feast called “Walpurgis’ Night”, celebrated in April to ward off evil spirits.  

The anime and the songs took visual and thematic inspiration from the festival regarding the theme of the night, stars, and guiding light.

The Night world anime is directed by Ryotimo (Ryosuke Sawa) with Studio Daisy. However, interestingly, Ryotimo did the entire animation on the popular CG platform Blender, which is uncommon in the Japanese anime industry where most of the animation is still done on paper.

#Night Country This is Tsumugi-chan on the second night.

I’m starting to be able to make this kind of thing.
Let’s use it when drawing a picture

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Whether it’s the stunning visuals, heart-melting songs, compelling narratives, or the technical prowess that made it all possible, Night World is a fantastic watch, and better still, it’s available for free for all to enjoy.

So don’t miss out on the second episode of the Night world anime! 

Watch Night World on:

About Night World

Night World is a new original anime project by Aimer and Ryo-timo. It will be released on 16th April on Youtube.

A dreamy and mysterious world is seen and the tagline of the anime is: “A place that you can only go late at night.” A small child and a bird resembling creature are the main characters in the anime project.

Source: Aimer Official YouTube Channel

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