Shoujo Manga ‘Acro Trip’ Inspires an Anime Adaptation for 2024

Nobody does the magical girl trope in a shoujo comedy better than Yone Sawata’s ‘Acro Trip’ manga, and that’s a fact.

Despite the manga being underrated, it has done well enough to keep its fans entertained, given how they religiously follow the plot. Whatever impact the manga has on fans, it was sufficient for it to be made into an anime.

Yone Sawata has revealed on their official Twitter handle that the ‘Acro Trip’ manga is getting adapted as an anime in 2024. The mangaka also announced that an official website for the anime has also been set up.

“Acro Trip”

TV animation

Map child and chroma move!

Talk! Shine! Ring!

Stay tuned!

The official anime website is now open

The final five volumes of the comic will also be released

Stay tuned for more news

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What makes this story stand out is the protagonist, Date Chizuko. If you think she’s the magical girl, then you’re wrong, as Chizuko is instead a fan of her city’s magical girl, Berry Blossom.

Moreover, she doesn’t end up becoming a magical girl herself either and does something completely unthinkable: help the enemy, Chroma. Yone had also teased the anime announcement with a cute visual featuring Chizuko and Chroma.

There is an announcement at 00:00 on December 1st. Nice to meet you

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Judging by the visual, you wouldn’t think of Chroma as a big bad villain, and he’s not one, either. Chroma is inept and weak, making his battles with Berry Blossom dull and unexciting.

Such lame battles result in people losing interest in the duo’s frequent face-offs, disappointing Chizuko. In order to get things thrilling again and shed light on Berry Blossom, the shy Chizuko goes down a dark path to help Chroma become a worthy villain.

This shoujo comedy can pull a good amount of audience, given that it focuses on creating hype and on the story’s essential points.

I can’t say I’m excited, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how people respond to it.

About Acro Trip

Acro Trip is a shoujo comedy manga written and illustrated by Yone Sawata. It began serialization in Shueisha’s Ribon magazine in February 2017 and concluded in December 2022. The manga is also inspiring an anime slated for 2024.

It follows the shy otaku girl, Date Chizuko, who’s a big fan of her city’s protector, the magical girl Berry Blossom. However, people have started losing interest in Berry Blossom as the inept and weak villain Chroma has made their fights dull and unexciting.

To make people notice Berry’s exploits again, Chizuko goes down a dark path and meets some strange people.

Source: Yone Sawata’s Twitter

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