A Guide to Obtaining Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 — All Known Locations

Exploring Dragon’s Dogma 2’s huge and sprawling open world can be quite a chore if you don’t have the means to fast travel, which is where Portcrystals come in handy. There are both permanent and portable Portcrystals and finding them isn’t particularly easy.

The permanent ones are located in fixed places where players can go and fast travel, while the portable ones can be obtained and dropped as beacons anywhere on the map to set up fast travel. But getting them is where the main work comes in.

1. How to get Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Portcrystals — Dragon’s Dogma 2

Players can get Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 through the following ways:

  1. By completing Captain Brant’s quest line and completing the main quest, “The Feast of Deception”
  2. By purchasing it at the Bay Wayside Shrine in Battahl for 20 Wyrmslife Crystals
  3. By riding a Forested Griffin all the way back to its nest in Misty Marshes
  4. By giving Glyndwr in Vernworth a bow to initiate the Gift of the Bow quest and completing it. Speak with him again to initiate A Trial of Archery quest and complete it
  5. By finding the Sphinx and completing all her riddles
  6. And finally, purchasing it using real-life money for $2.99

These are all the known ways in which you can obtain portable Portcrystals. They can be used and reused wherever and whenever you want to on the map, and through that, you can create your own fast travel network, connecting important points on the map.

2. How to use Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Portcrystals can be placed at any point on the map, and players need to touch them to activate them. After that, players can travel there using Ferrystones which can be found in chests scattered across the map or purchased from merchants for 10,000 G.

Ferrystones Can Be Purchased — Dragon’s Dogma 2

To use a Ferrystone, select it from your inventory and then choose the Portcrystal you want to travel to. Remember that you won’t be able to fast-travel inside buildings, so make sure that you’re operating the Portcrystal and the Ferrystone in an open area.

3. Where to find permanent Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Permanent Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be found in the following locations:

  1. Vernworth
  2. Harve Village
  3. Sacred Arbor
  4. Seafloor Shrine
  5. Agamen Volcanic Island

I. Vernworth Portcrystal: It’s located outside the building around the Grand Riftstone of Vermund. You can reach Vernworth by doing the main quest “Sea of the Sovran”.

Vernworth Portcrystal Location — Dragon’s Dogma 2

II. Harve Village Portcrystal: It’s located at the southwestern part of the village. Head west out of Vernworth and then go southwest along the shore to reach the Village and you’ll find your Portcrystal there.

Vernworth Portcrystal Location — Dragon’s Dogma 2]

III. Sacred Arbor Portcrystal: This one’s located at the northern side of the  Arborheart but you can only access this Portcrystal after completing the Legacy quest and starting the True Ending quest.

Harve Village Portcrystal Location — Dragon’s Dogma 2

IV. Seafloor Shrine Portcrystal: It’s located at the east of the Shrine. Like the Sacred Arbor Portcrystal, you’ll also get access to this one after completing the Legacy quest and beginning the True Ending quest.

V. Agamen Volcanic Island Portcrystal: This one is located along the shore heading southeast from Bakbattahl but you won’t be able to immediately enter the area after arriving. For this one too you need to complete the Legacy quest and initiate the True Ending.

Bakbattahl doesn’t have its own permanent Portcrystal but I recommend you place one of your portable ones there as it’ll be an area that you’ll be going to quite a lot. So just place one there for easy fast travel.

4. Can Portcrystals be duplicated in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Ibrahim’s Scrap Store — Dragon’s Dogma 2

Portcrystals cannot be duplicated in Dragon’s Dogma 2, so whatever amount of Portcrystals players get is the amount that they’ll be able to use and reuse. While duplicating would’ve been more convenient, it’s not an option.

An NPC named Ibrahim in Checkpoint Rest Town runs a scrap shop that lets you create forgeries of your items, but Portcrystals and Ferrystones do not fall under them. If you try to place them there, they’ll simply fall to the ground, ultimately rendering your efforts to go and forge them useless.

5. About Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a 2024 action role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom. The sequel to Dragon’s Dogma (2012), the game was released for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S on March 22, 2024. Upon release, it received positive reviews from critics. Gameplay Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an action role-playing game played from a third-person perspective.

The player takes on the role of a character called the “Arisen”, a hero marked by a dragon whom they must defeat. The player explores the world they live in, taking on quests, and fighting monsters, while being caught up in a geopolitical conflict between two kingdoms. To assist in this, the Arisen relies on allies called “Pawns”, non-playable characters who join the player’s party.

These characters are AI-controlled, but function like player-controlled avatars, able to assist in fights, provide information on enemies, and give guidance to active quests. Players can each create and customize their avatar and their own Pawn character with different genders, appearances, and race. In addition, players can recruit two additional Pawns that have been created by other players.

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