Is Young Sheldon Season 6 Sweeping George’s Affair Under the Rug?

Young Sheldon’s sixth season has confirmed that the show will avoid showing George’s infidelity. 

Even before Lance Barber brought him to life in Young Sheldon, George was a familiar character, although he never appeared in The Big Bang Theory. 

Sheldon shares memories of his childhood, and Mary expresses her struggles in her marriage, making George look like a poor husband and father who only enjoys drinking and resting. 

However, Young Sheldon has gone to many lengths to debunk this perception.

Sheldon Cooper is irritating at the best of times, and one feels like strangling him at others. However, at one point in the show, fans feel genuinely bad for the emotionally handicapped genius. 

Sheldon says many mean things about his dad being dumb, drunk, and bad at parenting, but the worst thing he ever says about him is in The Big Bang Theory season 10. 

He tells Penny how he started to knock three times before entering a room after seeing his dad cheating on his mom with another woman when he was 13 during spring break. 

Fans have been waiting to see how Young Sheldon will show this event. The show has hinted at George’s unfaithfulness for a long time now. But it seems like Young Sheldon’s season 6 finale will not deal with it at all.

Real Reason Why Sheldon Cooper Knocks 3 Times On A Door

The official summary for the last two episodes of Young Sheldon season 6 reveals that CBS is speeding up the show’s plot. 

The final episodes will show Sheldon leaving Texas for Germany. But this is not supposed to happen until he is 15 years old, according to The Big Bang Theory. 

He is only 13 in the prequel — the same age he saw his dad cheating. If the tragedy does not happen before the final episodes, Young Sheldon will completely ignore one of the most prominent scars of Sheldon’s childhood!

Is Young Sheldon Season 6 Sweeping George’s Affair Under the Rug?
Sheldon Cooper

Before the plot details mentioned above were released, it was announced that George’s affair wouldn’t occur in Young Sheldon season 6. 

Nevertheless, Paige’s timeline hint confirmed that he is on spring break, making it possible for the event to occur before the year ends. 

However, as things are going, it is unlikely that we will see George’s infidelity unfold anytime soon.

However, since the show is expected to run for at least one more year, the makers can still deal with it in season 7. It seems logical to delay it as much as they can since it will significantly alter the relationship of the Coopers. 

However, with the news of Sheldon’s exit from Texas, it will now be difficult to handle the ‘event’ in Young Sheldon season 7 for a few reasons.

Is Young Sheldon Season 6 Sweeping George’s Affair Under the Rug?
Sheldon and George

First of all, it would mess up the timeline even more. The canon said that George’s affair was much later than Sheldon’s trip to Germany. 

Unless the spin-off wants to ignore what the show already said, it should avoid making more contradictions. 

Secondly, it is improbable that Sheldon will return to Texas after his trip abroad. 

According to The Big Bang Theory, he was already done with college and started his Ph.D. at Caltech when he was 14. That means he probably moved to California after finishing his studies in Europe.

It is unclear why Young Sheldon season 6 is messing up The Big Bang Theory’s timeline to such an extent. They don’t need to rush things and send Sheldon to Germany when there are still so many plot points to deal with.

Maybe CBS is trying to avoid dealing with George’s affair, which would ruin the light-hearted vibe of the show. 

Nevertheless, we hope this doesn’t ruin the timeline so much that fans have difficulty connecting with the prequel. 

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