Who is the killer in You Season 4 Part 1?

In the fourth episode of “You” Season 4, Joe Goldberg accepted Lady Phoebe’s invitation for a sort of weekend getaway to her old country house. Joe mainly said yes since he was confident that the killer and his stalker will be present and that there is no better opportunity to catch him.

He had his suspicions about Roald after finding Kate’s photos on his camera and began to search his room. However, we see Roald catching him and pushing him out of the window.

He believes that Joe will be dead, but he somehow survived and while heading back into the castle, he hears a scream coming from Kate’s room. The entire situation changes when he enters Kate’s room and sees Gemma’s body on the floor and Kate holding the knife with a lot of blood on it.

It’s safe to say Joe’s plans for a European holiday aren’t quite going as planned. Season 4 of the Netflix show is releasing in two parts, with part 1 already streaming now. But what exactly goes down in Episode 5? There are plenty of twists and turns to keep up with. Let’s get into further details.

Did Joe tell Kate the truth about Malcolm’s death?

Joe tells Kate everything that he saw that day when Malcolm was lying on his dining table.

He even opens up about his past in brief and how he was stuck with a woman who did very bad things. Kate believes his story and understands that he was just trying to protect her.

Kate panics after seeing Joe in the room and closes the door. She realizes that he thinks she has killed Gemma because of her vile behavior. But then we find out that Kate didn’t kill Gemma and merely found her body in her room.

Joe understands the situation and suggests to Kate that they should call the bodyguards sent by her father to handle the situation, but she didn’t want that. Kate then tells Joe that the situation doesn’t look good for him as well because people were pointing fingers at him during the dinner.

They decide to toss her body into an antique piece of furniture and her in the game larder where the staff members break down the animals from the hunt. However, Phoebe knocks at the door and arrives in the room, but Kate is quick to escort him out by saying she and Joe were about to get intimate.

Phoebe leaves with a big smile on her face. So, they carry on with their plan until hitting another bump when Gemma’s body falls on the floor while trying to pick up the piece of furniture.

Joe thinks of another idea and wraps her body in a piece of clothing and throws her body out of the window. No one got to know about it because the body fell into bushes. They take the body to the game larder. Things take a turn when Joe is giving the final touches to their plan and Kate puts the knife on Joe’s neck.

She feels things like these can only be known by a professional career. But Joe makes her understand that someone is trying to frame her exactly the way he is being framed for Malcolm’s murder.

Who is the killer in You Season 4 Part 1?
Penn Badgley and Amy-Leigh Hickman in You

Did Roald find Joe hiding Gemma’s body?

Kate arrives in her room and sees Phoebe sitting there. She tells her everything that happened, but they didn’t know that Roald was also listening to their conversation by standing on the other side of the door.

Roald went straight to the game larder after hearing the conversation and caught Joe hiding Gemma’s body. Roald then tries to frame Joe as the “EAT THE RICH” killer in front of Blessing, Sophie, Connie, and Adam.

He tells everyone that Joe killed Malcolm in cold blood, to which, Joe replies that he passed out the first night at the Sundry House and doesn’t know what Roald is talking about. Roald tries his best to play the emotional card and tell Sophie that Joe killed Simon too.

Joe tells everyone to be reasonable about all this and asks Adam to talk to Phoebe about this. Adam angrily attacks Joe, but Joe knocks him down in one punch and runs away. Roald runs behind him and tries to catch him.

Meanwhile, Kate and Phoebe arrive and get to know what happened there. Kate ran behind Roald and Joe to save them.

Who is the killer in You Season 4 Part 1?

Who is the “EAT THE RICH” killer?

Joe is hiding behind a tree when Roald arrives there and labels Joe a peasant. Joe has had enough of Roald and attacks him from behind and knocks him down by smashing his head on the ground. Luckily Roald didn’t die.

But things get wild when Joe sees Rhys arriving at the scene and he couldn’t understand what he was doing there. Rhys smashes Joe with the back of the rifle and when he opens his eyes, he finds him and Roald chained to the walls inside what looks like a dungeon.

Nothing could have prepared Joe for what he discovers. The cat’s out of the bag and Rhys Montrose, London’s progressive, wunderkind mayoral candidate is responsible for murdering Malcolm, Simon, and Gemma.

You guessed it right! He is indeed the one sending Joe all of these threatening messages. Rhys tells Joe he wasn’t ready for this kind of face-to-face yet, but he had to take things into his hand because Joe was about to get killed. Now, Rhys’s plan is pretty simple.

Joe has to kill Roald and they will blame all the murder on Roald. It’s the safest choice for them because framing a dead person safe them the time to prove their innocence.

Joe asks Rhys if anyone would believe that Roald is the killer, to which, Rhys replies that he’s a neo-fascist with a knife collection. So, Joe plays a trick and says he is ready to do it but strangling or smashing Roald’s head wouldn’t look like suicide.

Rhys assures that he’ll handle that part and leaves.

However, Joe doesn’t try killing him, he just tries to get away from the dungeon. After some failed tries, he quits but Rhys sees that and says that he wanted to work with him, but it seems it’s time for Joe and Roald to die.

So, he lights up the dungeon and leaves from there. Joe tries to get out of these chains and save himself. Roald also gets up and panics after seeing the situation. Joe manages to free himself from the chains and helps Roald as well.

They scream their lungs out of the small window-like structure and fortunately, Kate arrives at the right time and saves both of them. They all return to London where Rhys announces the candidacy for London’s Mayor.

Things are already getting interesting now and Joe knows whom to track and whom to stop, but Rhys is very clever and knows how to play this game. We have to wait for Part 2 of Season 4 which arrives in March 2023.

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