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A Bone-Chilling Season 10 of Yamishibai has been Announced for January

Yamishibai can be described as a compilation of your worst nightmares that you didn’t even know you had. Yet the horror anime’s popularity keeps rising among the fans, and the number of seasons is proof.

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These six-minute short stories can have you spooked for days, even making it difficult to sleep at night. So obviously, this is not something for the weak-hearted or those who get afraid easily.

The series keeps its fans engaged and entertained with the mysterious storyteller, well-written plot, and eerie yet brilliant animation that can make their blood run cold.

With such a huge fanbase, it’s only natural that the series brings out more content.

The horror anime series Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories has announced a tenth season scheduled for a January 2022 release.

Theater of Darkness: Yamishibai season 10 premieres in January 2022

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Yes, the creepy masked old man is back with his traditional kamishibai storytelling, and we cannot be more terrified and excited at the same time.

With a brand new stock of horrifying urban myths, we are already scared to know what’s in store because each story just gets worse.

A Bone-Chilling Season 10 of Yamishibai has been Announced for January
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories | Source: Crunchyroll

Anyone who’s seen Yamishibai knows that the stories get more terrible with each episode, and then you realize that it’s too late to back off.

You either bravely face all the impending horror ahead or piss your pants (metaphorically). There’s no in-between.

Kanji Tsuda will be coming back as the old masked storyteller for the upcoming season. Along with him, this season features a huge cast consisting of some new and old ones from the previous seasons.

A Bone-Chilling Season 10 of Yamishibai has been Announced for January
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories | Source: Crunchyroll

Season 9 premiered recently in July 2021 and gave everyone nightmares beyond their imagination. But the series still received a positive review because apparently, people like to scare the living daylights out of themselves.

I can’t say I am waiting and excited for the upcoming season, but I’m definitely intrigued about what new horrors it will bring this time.

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About Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, also known as Theater of Darkness is a 2013 Japanese anime series. The first season was launched in July 2013.

Yamishibai will spook you right away with its story-telling and smart use of background music.

The story follows a suspicious guy with a mask on his face visits the place where the children play and recite the most horrifying stories based on Japanese urban legends.

Source: TV Tokyo

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