Writer Shares Current Status of Tarantino’s Zorro-Django Crossover Movie

Django Unchained was released in December 2012 and was a critical and financial success, earning director Quentin Tarantino an Academy Award nomination and becoming his highest-grossing movie. Christoph Waltz won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in this film, and Tarantino won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. There were soon rumblings of a sequel, the story of which would cross over with the pulp legend Zorro.

In 2014, Dynamite Entertainment published a comic book based on the concept. The film script was later written by comedian and author Jerrod Carmichael, and Tarantino even shared the idea with Antonio Banderas, who played Zorro in 1998’s The Mask of Zorro and 2005’s The Legend of Zorro.

This crossover would have been an epic crossover between Django Unchained and Zorro, which made sense since Sony Pictures distributed the Zorro films and Sony acquired the international distribution rights to the Django Unchained film.

Writer Shares Current Status of Tarantino's Zorro-Django Crossover Movie

However, writer Jerrod Carmichael now says that the Quentin Tarantino Django/Zorro crossover film might not in the cards at all.

He revealed in an interview with GQ that a Django-Zorro crossover is not going to happen. Carmichael does not elaborate on the reasons for shelving the project, but says it is impossible. Carmichael claims he and Tarantino wrote a $500 million dollar movie. This could either hint at budget constraints or low box-office expectations.

Read Carmichael’s full statement below:

Quentin’s a lunatic who I love, and I’m happy that I got to spend the time. We saw exploitation flicks at the New Beverly, he read me scenes that never made it to his movies, that he had typed out, in his kitchen after making fresh-squeezed lemonade for me. It was really special. It’s actually an incredible, incredible script that came in from that Django/Zorro that I would love for Sony to figure out, but I realize the impossibility of it. But I still think we wrote a $500 million film.

The crossover film remains impossible for unknown reasons. There is some doubt as to whether The Weinstein Company owns the domestic rights to Django Unchained since Sony Pictures currently owns the international rights.

It’s possible the project has been shelved due to a number of Zorro projects currently in development, including the remake of The 70’s Show starring Wilmer Valderrama, and another, a Zorro series for The CW created by Tarantino’s long-term collaborator Robert Rodriguez.

Writer Shares Current Status of Tarantino's Zorro-Django Crossover Movie

A tenth and final film for Tarantino would be Tarantino’s last project, which might be another contributing factor. Though he has still not decided on his final film, it seems like the director doesn’t want to end his career by continuing, but rather by doing something new.

Django Unchained and Zorro crossover join the long list of Tarantino films that never came to be, including Star Trek 4 and Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction crossover The Vega Brothers.

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