World Witches Take Off!: Upcoming TV Anime Reveals Brand New PV

With another spinoff on the way, humorous witches of Strike Witches are back again with a sequel titled World Witches: Take Off!.

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This sequel is said to have no connection with the previous seasons and will solely be based on the spin-off gag manga Strike Witches: 501st JOINT FIGHTER WING Take Off! illustrated by Makoto Fujibayashi.

The official Youtube channel of KADOKAWA posted a 35-second PV for the upcoming TV anime, World Witches Take Off!. The anime is set to premiere on TOKYO MX on January 12, 2021.

The character information of 502 units has also been released on the anime’s official website.

/ TV animation “World Witches will start!” PV release \

From Tuesday, January 12, next year Broadcast start #WW will start!

PV has been released 501 & 502 Witches Look forward to slapstick everyday #w_witch

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The promotional video features comical scenes from the everyday lives of the 501st and 502nd units. The video also has the narration of Yoshika Miyafuji, played by Misato Fukuen, playing in the background.

TV anime “World Witches Take Off!” PV

Set in a world where Neuroi never came, this comedy spinoff has witches from all around the world having sheer fun instead of fighting all day.

The first season of the anime began airing in 2019 with the second season just around the corner.

It has also been decided that the first orchestra concert of the “Witches” series will be held on February 27, 2020, at Starts Otakanomori Hall in China.

Seiko Nagaoka, known for previously collaborating with the “World Witches”, will be conducting the orchestra.

Mie Sonozaki who plays Gertrud Barkhorn and Misato Fukuen who plays Yoshika Miyafuji in the series is said to grace this occasion.

About Strike Witches

Strike Witches is a mix-media franchise created by Fumikane Shimada.

In an alternate reality, aliens called Neuroi have attacked the Earth. The only way to fight them in aerial combat.

Thus teenage witches have been recruited to fight the aliens with their magical abilities and the help of mechanical power.


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