World Witches Take Off! Reveals Theme Songs And January Premiere

World Witches, the popular anime series about teenage girls fighting aliens, will release its next series in January 2021.

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The theme song artists of World Witches Take Off! has been revealed as well.

World Witches Take Off! will feature the combatants from both the 501st and 502nd divisions.

World Witches is a spinoff of the Strike Witches franchise. It first emerged as an illustration series in a magazine and later inspired mangas, light novels, anime, and other media.

World Witches Take Off! is a series of 15-minute shorts that will premiere on 12th January 2021. It will air on Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS.

Broadcast from 2021

TV anime “World Witches Take Off!”

Broadcast information has been released!

Broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from January 12, 2021

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The opening song of the “501 version” is “Wanna Fly?” by Yoko Ishida. It is written, scored, and arranged by Kentaro Sonoda. The ending theme is “Colourful Everyday”. It is sung by a different unit of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

The opening song of the “502 version” is “Awesome Days,” sung by a different unit of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing. It is written by Mitsu and arranged by Shunsuke Takizawa.

Similar to the Strike Witches: 501st JOINT FIGHTER WING Take Off! anime, World Witches Take Off! will show the behind the scenes life of the teen combatant girls.

The anime is being produced by studio acca effe and Giga Production. The cast members of the 501st and 502nd Joint Fighter Wings will be reprising their roles in the upcoming anime.

World Witches Take Off! Reveals Theme Songs And January Premiere
World Witches Take Off! | Source: Official Website

We will be able to glimpse into the clumsy personal lives of the tough girls that we are used to in the World Witches anime. A new spinoff series called Luminous Witches will also premiere in 2021.

About Strike Witches

Strike Witches is a mix-media franchise created by Fumikane Shimada.

In an alternate reality, aliens called Neuroi have attacked the Earth. The only way to fight them in aerial combat.

Thus teenage witches have been recruited to fight the aliens with their magical abilities and the help of mechanical power.

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