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Original Anime, Onipan!’s Teaser Focuses on Undies? April Debut Tease

WIT Studio, one of the renowned anime studios, has just announced its upcoming project. What is the next project about? Underwears. Underwears of oni, to be more specific.

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Onipan!, an original anime, will premiere this year and explain how underwears can save the reputation of the onis.

Does it have any mysterious power? If so, why does it have to be tiger-print undergarments? The creators have some explaining to do.

The Onipan! anime will be released in April 2022. The series is a product of AAO Project, AOI Pro, Amuse, and Origamix Partners’ collaboration.

A new trailer has been revealed, which further highlights the utter absurdity of the situation:

TV anime “Onipan! ] Official Teaser PV | Production & Broadcast in April 2022!

The trailer starts with a narrator introducing the three main characters: Tsutsuji, Himawari, and Tsuyukusa. Then she says that it is the story of a pair of underwear.

All the protagonists are equally flabbergasted at this declaration. Even you would be surprised if suddenly a pair of boxers became the main character in your life.

A fresh visual has also been revealed to tease the prized possession of the entire anime.

Original anime, Onipan!’s, teaser focuses on undies? April Debut Tease
Onipan! Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual also teases the nature of each character. Tsutsuji is a curious oni with a friendly personality. She loves city life and fashion.

Original anime, Onipan!’s, teaser focuses on undies? April Debut Tease
Tsutsuji | Source: Official Twitter

Himawari is the mischievous one who hangs around with animals. She does whatever she wants without thinking much and has the highest number of skills in the group.

From cooking to cleaning and washing, you name it, and she can do it.

Original anime, Onipan!’s, teaser focuses on undies? April Debut Tease
Onipan! Himawari | Source: Official Website

Tsuyukusa is a lonely beautiful girl who is too lazy to move and doesn’t like ruining her cool image. Her motto is “I hope I can do it tomorrow, if not today.”

Original anime, Onipan!’s, teaser focuses on undies? April Debut Tease
Tsuyukusa | Source: Official Twitter

Cast members behind the anime’s three crazy protagonists include:

CharacterCastOther Works
Yume NozakiYume Nozaki--
HimawariMika Negishi--
TsuyukusaKokona Nonaka--

Staff members of the anime include:

PositionStaffOther Works
Original CreatorNorihiro NaganumaYowamushi Pedal (movie director)
DirectorMasahito OhtaYuruyuri
Series Script Takashi AoshimaMitsudomoe
Character Designer Ryuuta YanagiSword Art Online’s monster designs
Music Composer Yasuhiro MisawaMinami-ke

Onipan! shows a world where oni have a terrible reputation among humans despite being different from the stereotypes.

Now, it is up to these three sweet children to prove to the world how nice their species actually is. With the help of special boxers, of course.

About Onipan!

Onipan! is an original anime from WIT Studio. Its original creator is Norihiro Naganuma.

The anime is based in a world where humans and oni live together. In spite of living harmoniously, some bad rumors about the oni still circulate among the masses.

The three protagonists want to improve the reputation of onis. Their key weapon is onipan or oni’s underwear.

Source: Official Website

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