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New Samurai Anime from Magi’s Creator, Orient Releases Main Visual

The next big thing in shonen is almost here; the anime adaptation of Shinobu Ohtaka’s Orient is all set to premiere early next year.

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Orient takes place in a fantasy Sengoku period, where the samurai find themselves shunned by the whole society, and the demons rule the world. Over the years, the samurai, also known as Bushi, have continued to exist and resist the demonic takeover of the world.

The official Twitter account for Orient has released the main visual for the upcoming anime that will premiere in January 2022 on TV Tokyo and AT-X.

TV anime “#Orient”
\ Key visual is newly released /

Stay tuned for the broadcast from January 2022 !!!

Musashi #Yuma Uchida
Kojiro Kanemaki #Soma Saito
Hattori Tsugumi #Rie Takahashi
Naoto Takeda #Satoshi Hino
Inukai Shiro #Hiroshi Shimono
Nanao Inusaka #Azumi Waki
Hideo Koameda #Wataru Hatano

Teaser PV

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The visual features the main trio of Musashi, Kojiro, and Tsugumi at the front. We can also see the Obsidian Goddess, who is being chased by the mysterious Bushi, standing behind the members of Kanemaki Bushi.

New Samurai Anime From Magi’s Creator, Orient Releases Main Visual
Kojiro | Source: Fandom

Orient’s society has accepted the demon’s rule and is not even sure if they are all that bad. Some of the Bushi, like Kojiro, have lost their will to resist the demons because of this uncertainty. It’s not until he and Musashi discover their true goal that they regain their will to fight.

Like mangaka’s previous work, Orient too derives a lot from overseas mythology and combines it with Japanese folklore. Many of the demons in the story are derived from Buddhist and Zoroastrian imagery, like the Bodhisattva.

Although the story is quite simple, it brings back the old straight-shooting shonen with demons and samurai that we all know and love.

About Orient

Orient is a manga series by Shinobu Ohtakawhich started serialization in May 2020.

The manga is about Kojiro and Masashi, two childhood friends who have sworn to become the strongest together.

In their world, evil demons have taken over and samurais are looked down upon. Both the friends have to dive head-first into the twisted world to purge it of its corruption.

Source: Orient Anime Twitter

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