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Toei Might Collaborate with Warner Bros to Animate Gear 5 Luffy

Chapter 1045 of the anime revealed Luffy’s Gear 5 and fans have been waiting eagerly since then to see this form animated. Before Gear 5, the understanding of Luffy’s powers was limited to him possessing a rubber body.

Oda is still sticking to similar concepts in Gear 5, however, now his rubber powers have been enhanced to the point where he is now untouchable.

Recently there have been rumors about Gear 5 Luffy being animated by Warner Bros and it makes sense since Luffy fights in a cartoonish, Looney Toons kind of way. Let’s get into more details about this rumor!

Toei seems to be collaborating with Warner Bros for animating Gear 5 Luffy since his movements are cartoonish. Warner Bros possesses expertise in animating these Looney Toons kinds of movements. However, these are just rumors, and their credibility is questionable!

Will Toei join Hands with Warner Bros for Gear 5 animation?

According to the leaks, Toei might be collaborating with the big guns. They seem to be working with Warner Bros for animating Gear 5 Luffy since he is seen fighting in a cartoonish way.

It makes sense that they are collaborating with Warner Bros since no one can do cartoon-style animation better than these legends who have been doing this since 1923.

It’s kind of a relief that the animators from Warner Bros would get involved since it would mean top-quality content! However, since these are just rumors, we cannot judge the credibility of the information.

However, we can only hope for the best since bringing in Warner Bros might be one of the best decisions for animating Gear 5 Luffy!

Oda’s Creative Route to Gear 5 Luffy!

While most anime protagonists get planet-destroying power-ups, Oda went the other route. It has been established since the beginning of the anime that this is not about gaining the most power but having freedom.

Oda's Creative Route to Gear 5 Luffy!
Gear 5 | Source: Fandom

And Oda went to the most creative way to power up Luffy. The pinnacle of Luffy’s power which is Gear 5 is not some insane power-up, but it allows Luffy absolute freedom to move in every way.

The flexibility of his rubbery body when combined with his absolute freedom gave birth to a cartoonish pliable defense. It is an absolute refreshment to watch this instead of the typical shounen and we can pretty much never predict Oda that’s for sure!

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