Will Trent TV Series: Release, Cast, Plot, and More Explained!

The new year will bring in some new changes to your TV scheduling. For ABC, this will be through the launch of their new procedural crime drama, Will Trent, starring Ramon Rodriguez. The show is based on Karen Slaughter’s 10-book series of the same name.

If you’re itching to watch something new and riveting, tuning into Will Trent might be a good decision. Plus, I have all the details for you!

Will Trent will premiere on ABC on January 3 at 10/9c. As of now, the total number of episodes ordered for season 1 hasn’t been revealed but it is safe to assume that it may get a full-season run.

Will Trent TV Series: Release, Cast, Plot, and More Explained!
Ramon Rodriguez

As per Deadline, ABC loved the pilot and only asked for some reworks in the storyline that would allow the episodes to be standalone, rather than bleed into each other. Of course, I expect that it will all be tied in together by an umbrella arc.

Getting to the story, Will Trent is the heart of the show as a Special Agent at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. He was abandoned at birth, and he persevered through the gritty foster care system. Now in his adult life, he tries to ensure that others in similar situations are spared from facing the atrocities that he did. This is also how he has the highest clearing rate in the department!

Besides Rodriguez, the cast includes Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski, Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell, Jake McLaughlin as Michael Ormewood, and Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner.

Will Trent TV Series: Release, Cast, Plot, and More Explained!
Erika Christensen and Iantha Richardson

Viewers who have read the books will know that Polaski and Mitchell are Trent’s partners in anti-crime, so I’m looking forward to seeing those dynamics on screen.

If you wish for a taste of what’s to come, look no further than Will Trent’s first trailer:

Here, we are introduced to the charismatic Will Trent, who’s brought in to read a crime scene. Showing off his skills to both the GBI and the audience, he quickly ascertains that this is a kidnapping that needs urgent investigation.

What is depicted in the trailer doesn’t match any of Slaughter’s existing novels, but it is nonetheless intriguing. Perhaps, a brand-new Will Trent mystery is just what is needed this January!

About Will Trent

Will Trent is a 2023 American procedural crime drama that will air on ABC. It is based on Karen Slaughter’s book series of the same name. 

 It follows the titular Trent who is a Special Agent at the GBI. Having grown up in the rough foster care system, Trent’s personal experiences motivate him during his cases and account for the reason he has the highest clearing rate. 

The cast is made up of Ramon Rodriguez, Erika Christensen, Iantha Richardson, Jake McLaughlin, and Sonja Sohn, among others. 

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