The Expendables 5 Will Happen as Long as There’s Demand, Says Makers

The Expendables 4 producers discuss the future of the franchise and reveal the only requirement for making more sequels.

The latest installment, directed by Scott Waugh, features Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham reprising their roles as Barney Ross and Lee Christmas, respectively, for another round of action-packed adventure. Although Stallone has announced that this will be his last appearance as Ross, Statham’s character seems to be taking over as the new leader of the team.

As per the makers, The Expendables franchise will continue to have more sequels as long as there is demand for it. So, there is a high chance of The Expendables 5 being made in the future.

1. Will there be more sequels in The Expendables franchise?

Yes, there is a fair chance of more sequels being made in The Expendables franchise.

Will there be The Expendables 5? Here’s What We Know
The Expendables Franchise | Source: IMDb
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In an interview with Daily Express, producers Kevin King-Templeton and Les Weldon share their vision for the future of the franchise and state the sole criterion for making more sequels. The producers say that they will continue to produce the movies “as long as there is a demand for them.” See King-Templeton’s remark below:

“Nothing is off the table. We don’t know. It’s all about the fans.”

In other words, the makers are optimistic about a sequel. As of now, it depends on the fourth film’s box office performance and the availability of the cast, among other factors.

2. How The Expendables Franchise Should Continue

The Expendables movies have never received much acclaim from critics, but the first two installments were especially popular with fans. The movies featured a stellar cast of some of the most renowned and iconic action movie stars of the past four decades, as well as plenty of violent action scenes.

Will there be The Expendables 5? Here’s What We Know
Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables 4 | Source: IMDb
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The Expendables 3, however, despite having the most impressive cast to date, was a major letdown, with the PG-13 rating eliminating a crucial aspect of the franchise’s appeal. The movie had the lowest box office performance of the series, and the negative reception probably explains why it took so long for a fourth movie to be made. Although the third movie implied that the franchise had run its course, it is possible that the R-rated Expendables 4 will revive it once again.

The box office performance of the new movie is uncertain, but The Expendables 4’s cast alone makes the prospect of more sequels appealing. Besides franchise regulars like Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture, the upcoming sequel also introduces new characters portrayed by 50 Cent, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Andy Garcia, among others.

The reception of these new characters is yet to be determined, but The Expendables 5 already has a remarkable lineup of new and old stars to continue the saga.

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3. About The Expendables

The Expendables is an American ensemble action-thriller franchise written by Sylvester Stallone and based on characters created by David Callaham. The film series pays homage to the blockbuster action films and stars of the 1980s and 1990s.

The films are made of an ensemble cast led by Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham. The series consists of three films: The Expendables (2010), The Expendables 2 (2012) and The Expendables 3 (2014). All films have been box office successes.

A fourth film and a spinoff movie is scheduled to be released in the future.

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