Will there be an Enola Holmes 3? When will it release?

After solving the case of the missing marquess, Enola Holmes returns to help a young girl find her sister. The detective is still green and overshadowed by the popularity of her brother, Sherlock, but she does well to prove her worth by uncovering a huge scandal.

Even with the bias of my fondness for Enola Holmes, I can objectively say that the sequel was a success. The mystery was enthralling, the wit was on point, and we got to enjoy some new, delightful characters as well.

We simply cannot be done and dusted here! So, will we ever see Enola tackle her third case?

As of now, there is no news confirming Enola Holmes 3. However, there is a possibility that if Enola Holmes 2 does well, Netflix may greenlight a third film in the franchise.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, lead actor Millie Bobby Brown (who is also one of the film’s main producers) did express her hope about Enola Holmes 3 being greenlit by Netflix.

"Our new James Bond!" 😂 Millie Bobby Brown on Henry Cavill and their real life brother/sister energy

She even cheekily mentioned that the book series has six books, alluding that that is the number of films she’d like to make for the franchise as well.

Will there be an Enola Holmes 3? When will it release?

The first movie was a massive success and if the sequel shares the same fate, there’s nothing stopping Netflix from making a third one.

Currently, Enola Holmes 2 enjoys 92% positive critics ratings and 84% audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The reviews as well are generally positive, talking about how the sequel does a great job of adding to the universe built in the first film.

These “additions” are clearly seen in the way Sherlock’s arc has also been extended by introducing the iconic characters of Moriarty and Dr. John Watson. It feels like rather than just Easter eggs, these were very deliberate moves to take the franchise forward.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see Enola Holmes 3 featuring the dynamic Holmes-Watson duo?

Will there be an Enola Holmes 3? When will it release?
Enola, Sherlock, and Tewkesbury

Another thing that makes Enola Holmes so appealing is how it ties to real historic events about social reform and activism. The first movie dealt with the Reform Bill which is theorized to be about women’s suffrage. The second film, on the other hand, portrayed the infamous Matchgirls strike of 1988. 

The sincere social commentary and educative tone are as good a selling point as any. If Enola Holmes 3 is made, it would truly be good to see more of these real-life stories brought to life.

The only downside is that even if a third Enola Holmes movie is confirmed, it may take a while to produce.

Both Brown and Henry Cavill will be tied up in other projects (Stranger Things and Man of Steel, respectively) in the year to come. So, the potential Enola Holmes 3 film will only see the light of day in 2024-25.

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About Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2 is an upcoming mystery film based on the young adult fiction series of the same name by Nancy Springer. Serving as a sequel to the 2020 film Enola Holmes, it is written by Jack Thorne and directed by Harry Bradbeer.

The film stars Millie Bobby Brown, reprising her role as Enola Holmes and Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, with Louis Partridge, Adeel Akhtar, Susie Wokoma, and Helena Bonham Carter also reprising their supporting roles. Sharon Duncan-Brewster, David Thewlis, and Hannah Dodd are added as new cast members.

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