Will there be a Lupin season 4? Everything We Know So Far

Lupin season 3 has just arrived on Netflix, and fans are already eager to know about the prospects of season 4.

Omar Sy reprises his role as Assane Diop in Lupin season 3, which released on October 5. When the series was first released, it quickly became the most popular non-English series on Netflix, although it has subtitles. 

Lupin has enjoyed the attention of a loyal fanbase. Upon the release of season 3, the series instantly made a place in the global top 10 shows on Netflix. So, the prospects of Lupin having another season is quite high. 

As of writing this article, Netflix has not renewed Lupin for season 4. However, considering the series’ immense popularity and high ratings, it is likely to be renewed for another season. There are also several loose endings that the makers need to resolve in the next season

What will Lupin season 4 be about? 

There are quite a few loose ends that were not resolved in Lupin season 3. So, Lupin season 4 should pick the story from the end of season 3 and address these loose ends.

Lupin season 4 is likely, to begin with Assane trapped in jail as he surrendered to the police at the end of season 3 to protect Benjamin and his family. 

The season 3 ending also saw the return of the evil and corrupt business tycoon Hubert Pellegrini. It seems like Pellegrini wants revenge from Assane for his arrest back in season 2. Pellegrini could serve as the main antagonist in season 4.

Will there be a Lupin season 4? Everything We Know So Far
Hubert Pellegrini | Source: IMDb

Assane’s mother, Mariama, was also introduced in season 3, so she might have a more prominent role in the next season. Another interesting prospect is the crossover between Sherlock Holmes and Lupin.

In the original books by Maurice Leblanc, Lupin met Sherlock Holmes, although he was referred to as Herlock Sholmes. The makers could consider bringing in the legendary fictional detective to spice things up in Lupin season 4. 

When will Lupin season 4 release?

As of now, there is no news about the release date of Lupin season 4. Netflix usually renews a series for another season within a couple of months. Once Lupin is renewed for another season, we can get an idea of the potential release date

Will there be a Lupin season 4? Everything We Know So Far
Lupin Season 3 | Source: IMDb

However, we know that there was a two-year gap between Lupin seasons 2 and 3. So, Lupin season 4 may not arrive before 2025.

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About Lupin

Lupin is a French mystery thriller television series created by George Kay and Francois Uzan for Netflix. It is a retelling of the classic French story about Arsene Lupin, the fictional gentleman thief created by Maurice Leblanc.

The main cast includes Omar Sy, Shirine Boutella, Ludivine Saugnier, Clotilde Hesme, Soufiane Guerrab and Herve Pierre among many others.

The show follows Asanne Diop who inspired by Lupin, takes on the iconic persona to exact revenge for his father who committed suicide after being wrongly accused by a wealthy family.

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