Will Ted and Sassy End Up Together in Ted Lasso?

Since Ted is now divorced and back in the dating market, the fandom is all up discussing Ted’s potential relationships. I always found the dynamic between Ted and Flo Collins aka Sassy quite interesting.

Ted and Flo met back in season 1, when they two met at the lobby in Liverpool hotel and the two got along quite well. And the events that followed kept us wondering if Ted and Flo were going to become a thing.

I mean, come on, the two spent the night together and Flo did confirm that they slept together! So, the big question is, what about it now?

As of now, it is early to say whether Flo and Ted will eventually end up together. Though they spent a night together, they aren’t a couple yet. But the two share a super fun and easy going dynamic that has a lot of potential to become a healthy relationship.

Also, random information nobody needs but I’ll still say (because I am a Ted): Why on earth does Google assume I am asking about Ted and ROBIN when I am clearly talking about Ted Lasso? Ugh! (If you got the reference, you’re already my kind of person)

What’s Ted and Sassy’s Relationship?

Sassy and Ted hit it off right from the beginning when the two met back in season 1 episode 7. The chemistry was real TBH and I quite liked the prospect of something coming out of it.

Later that night after Ted signed his divorce papers with Michelle, Flo showed up at his doorstep and enters his room. The next morning, we see her waking up in Ted’s bed.

Will Ted and Sassy end up together in Ted Lasso?
Flo Collins

Like, obviously that was not for nothing! But that’s all the hint we get in season 1. Nothing is confirmed about whether anything actually happened between the two. But here’s the good news: we got some content in season 2!

Ted and Flo met again when she came to visit Rebecca with her daughter. This is where Flo confirms that they had sex six months ago! WHOA! So bottom line is that, this might just not be over.

Although as of writing this article, apart from small instances there wasn’t any real romance between the two. But Ted and Flo have a fun dynamic and the two look good together on screen. We got to wait for season 3 to see if the two hook up again. Or date.

Will Ted and Sassy Get Together?

There’s definitely a chance that Ted and Sassy might get together, but there is also a high chance that they won’t. Frankly speaking, I don’t think Ted will end up with anyone.

Ted came to UK as a coach to give his wife Michelle the space she needed. Now that that’s over and he clearly isn’t comfortable with British culture (just because he has this ability to endure everything with that cheerful smile doesn’t mean he likes it), I don’t think he will be at Richmond too long.

Will Ted and Sassy end up together in Ted Lasso?
Michelle Lasso

There’s a chance that Ted will return to USA at the end of the show, after having taught the players of Richmond to get their hold, like he is trying to do with Jamie Tartt. So, I don’t think he will be looking at any romantic prospect when he is in UK.

Also, Ted’s son is in the picture and he is pretty important for Ted. So Ted will probably think a lot before taking up a serious relationship with anyone, because Rebecca or Flo are both from UK and I am pretty sure Ted wants to return to USA sometime and be with his son.

But yeah, of course the makers might not be thinking like me. Besides, just because Ted might return does not mean he cannot end up with a woman he might like. Whether that will be Sassy or not is a question we do not have answers to yet though.

Ted and Sassy have great chemistry and if explored further, the two can definitely be a great romantic ship. So if he at all ends up with someone, Sassy would be a great match IMO. I would prefer them over Ted-Rebecca TBH, (More on this below)

Will Ted End up With Rebecca Instead?

Ted and Rebecca are great friends as of now and though a romantic relationship between the two has been teased a few times in the show, there hasn’t been any progress in that front yet.

There is a chance that Ted ends up with Rebecca, considering both have a similar history with marriage, both understand each other and also have each other’s back. You know, the same reasons as all usual ships.

But is it always necessary for every relationship to turn romantic? Ted and Rebecca are great as friends and I don’t think it is necessary for their relationship to turn into a romantic one.

Will Ted and Sassy end up together in Ted Lasso?
Ted And Rebecca

Both are great people and they can have their own romantic interests, but not with each other necessarily. It’s just my opinion but we hardly have good examples of heterosocial bonding in shows. Why not Ted-Rebecca become one as well?

Rebecca could use a good friend and Ted could definitely use some support. Both can be each other’s friends and Ted can keep getting her those biscuits. We could keep the romance off the table, maybe.

Ted-Rebecca or Ted-Sassy: Which One Will be Endgame?

First of all, Sassy’s character has definitely not been developed enough yet for us to make a choice on this front, if at all either become a thing.

I would like to know more about Flo aka Sassy and definitely see more of her dynamic with Ted if this is to become something. As of now, yes, she is hot, she definitely likes Ted and Ted hooked up with her impulsively.

Pretty usual, but not enough information.

On the other hand, Rebecca and Ted share a beautiful friendship and the two get along perfectly well. There has not been any romantic interaction between the two but the two trust and understand each other quite well.

Rebecca has looked out for Ted when he went through his rough patch during his separation with Michelle, and Ted too has always understood Rebecca beyond her rough exterior. He has a heart to heart with her in season 1 when her ex-husband turned up at her party unannounced.

Will Ted and Sassy end up together in Ted Lasso?

But just because the two are great friends does not mean they will be good as a couple too. Rebecca is the owner of the team Ted works with, and the power dynamics at play here is quite clear. Besides, the two are great as friends and I think it will be too cliché to turn it into a relationship.

Ted and Flo, though has a lot more potential and it has so much to be explored. It is not an already existing friendship so this friends to lovers trope which has been used and over used in popular media can be avoided.

There’s chemistry between the two leads and Flo also has a daughter. Considering how much Ted loves his son and kids in general, I think they would hit it off so well and it would be a progressive relationship to watch.

I just personally would prefer to see the writers go a little beyond their comfort zone and explore a relationship of Ted with someone else rather than with Rebecca because that would be lazy writing and use of a boring, age old trope.

Ted Lasso as a show has always offered us some fresh, feel good content and a fresh dynamic in romance for our coach would just be better, IMO.

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