Will Roy and Keeley break up?

One of the central love stories in Ted Lasso is the one between former Richmond captain and footballer Roy Kent and Keeley.

The trope is quite common, that of the quiet, introverted, rugged man and an outgoing, extroverted woman. But it works well and I am not complaining. After the relationship Keeley had with Jamie, she deserved a better relationship.

But in the latest episodes of the show, there seems to be some issues for the couple. It’s like, everything hit them together. Jamie confessed his love for Keeley, Nate ended up kissing her, the two have their own internal issues – it’s all a mess.

Naturally, Roy and Keeley are giving a thought to their relationship.

Roy and Keeley did not break up officially in season 2, but the signs point towards a potential break up in the upcoming season. The two have been addressing quite a few problems in their relationship and might take some time off to sort out their feelings.

Signs that Roy and Keeley will break up  

Roy and Keeley have a certain degree of understanding with each other, which is why Keeley could openly speak to Roy about the incidents that took place.

Will Roy and Keeley break up?
Roy Kent

But no relationship comes without problems. Keeley revealed in “Headspace” how she felt suffocated and did not get enough space. She loves Roy and it is evident, but she does not need to see him everywhere: at her house, in the café, at work etc.

Roy is visibly hurt at her revelation, but the argument between them turns out quite realistic and natural. Trust me, that didn’t seem like a deeper problem in their relationship. All was well in some time.

Then comes the obvious problem of Roy’s insensitivity. Roy is a good person at heart and there’s enough proof we have for that. But sometimes, he seems to be a little ignorant to the emotions of people around him.

Though Roy supports Keeley and her career choices, when Vanity Fair wants Roy to be a part of a story about Keeley, he is annoyed. Typical Roy, but this is a big thing for Keeley. While Keeley is fond of glamour and the limelight, Roy clearly detests it.

This shows how the two have different views of life. But still, not a deal breaker for them. Keeley knew what she was getting into and so did Roy.

But there is more to this. Keeley’s ex, footballer Jamie Tartt confessed to Keeley that he still loved her. This happened in Rebecca’s father’s funeral in season 2 episode 8. He even confessed that she was the reason he returned to AFC Richmond.

Will Roy and Keeley break up?
Jamie Tartt

Though Keeley does not respond to Jamie’s confession, she does not immediately tell Roy about it. She probably needed some time to grasp everything, but considering they have an easy relationship, she could have told him earlier.

Finally, when Keeley goes out with Nate shopping for a suit, he ended up kissing her. It was an awkward moment but the two did kiss each other for a few seconds.

Keeley did tell Roy about the kiss and surprisingly Roy did not react as you would expect him to. In fact, he only thanked her for speaking up about it. This was also when Keeley told Roy about Jamie’s confession.

But Keeley was not the only one. Earlier, when Phoebe’s teacher Ms Bowen asked Roy if he was married, he only said no. He did not reveal that he had a steady girlfriend or mention anything about Keeley in general.

Maybe Roy was apprehensive about this relationship and was not sure this would last, which is why he did not speak about it. On the other hand, Keeley too seems quite confused with Jamie and Nate’s incidents and her otherwise problems with Roy.

All in all, season 2 does set up Roy and Keeley for an eventual break up IMO. I mean the signs are all there and though the two are a great couple, maybe a break from each other could help both.

Will Roy and Keeley break up?

Season 2 does not explicitly reveal whether Roy and Keeley will break up, but the signs all point towards it.

Will Roy and Keeley break up?
Roy And Keeley

The two do have a mutual respect and understanding between each other which was completely lacking in the case of Jamie and Keeley. But there are some other issues between them.

Even if the two do not break up for long term, they might consider taking a break from each other. Taking some time off would help them realize what they actually feel for each other, TBH.

Keeley would get some time to think about her feelings for Jamie and Nate and whether she has any feelings for either of them. Roy could also clear out his thoughts about what he expects from the relationship.

So in short, we do not yet know if they will break up, but there are signs all over season 2 that the relationship may not be working out as good as it seems to.

But again, even if they break up it does not mean they won’t get back together. Ted Lasso is all about second chances, isn’t it? So if it is healthy for them, I am sure they will get back together again, if they at all break up.

For all you know, they might just sort out the issues and remain in the relationship. Frankly speaking, a good heart to heart conversation can bring clarity to a lot of the issues such as lack of communication and their different outlooks towards life.

Will Jamie and Keeley get back together?

If Roy and Keeley break up, the very next thing that we wonder is if Jamie and Keeley will get back together.

In episode 8 of season 2, Jamie revealed to Keeley that the real reason he came back to AFC Richmond is to be close to her because he still loves her. Jamie also says that he is aware that she is now with Roy but he still needed to say it.

Jamie Tartt tells Keeley about his love for her - Tedd Lasso S02xE10
Jamie Tartt tells Keeley about his love for her – Tedd Lasso S02xE10

Keeley did not respond to Jamie’s confession. But Jamie is a changed man now. He is no longer the jerk he used to be and probably the new Jamie would never let Keeley go or take her for granted like the old Jamie.

Keeley broke up with Jamie because of how he constantly mistreated her and took her for granted in season 1. So if Jamie has realized his mistakes now, would she not consider giving him a second chance? We can’t deny that possibility.

Though the possibility is there, I really don’t see Keeley and Jamie happening once again. Jamie has definitely changed for the better, but that does not mean Keeley still has feelings for Jamie. There are problems between Roy and Keeley, but she evidently loves him.

There isn’t any reason or any signs that Keeley still loves Jamie. She seems pretty much over him and even if she breaks up with Roy, the possibility of her getting together with Jamie does not seem too high to me.

Does Keeley have feelings for Nate?

I don’t think so. Nate “the Wonder Kid” simply mistook Keeley’s friendly nature for something romantic and kissed her. That does not mean too much to me at least.

Will Roy and Keeley break up?
Nate and Keeley

Keeley, though, is not exactly defensive of it. It is weird, but Keeley didn’t protest the way you would expect her to considering she is in a relationship.

Nevertheless, feelings is a big word and there’s no sign of her having feelings for Nate as of yet. Rather if she really does have to feelings for someone else except Roy, there’s more chance for it to be Jamie rather than Nate.

Roy and Keeley might just end up breaking up, but I don’t think there’s any future for Nate and Keeley as of now.

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