Will Rooster Go To Charlie’s Dystopia In Heels?

Last month Stephen Amell’s Heels dropped, and it legit left me dumbfounded. The show is a fantastic slow-burn tale of two wrestling brothers trying to build their little county wrestling league and make a living out of it after their father passed away.

It takes a hyper-real dive into the world of wrestling, and not the one we always see, but the one that’s hidden behind the flashy cameras and roaring fans. It is a world with fewer people, fewer wrestlers trying to make it big in their careers, and how the insecurities and fears are just waiting to mess with your head.

This is about one of the supporting wrestlers in DWL – Rooster. In the last few episodes, we’ve seen Rooster boast about his abilities and how everything is messed up with the DWL. In fact, every time he’s on-screen, he is ranting about problems with Jack and the way he runs the show.

Will Rooster go to Charlie’s Dystopia in Heels?
Rooster Robbins

However, when all is said and done, Rooster knows he’s the best, and he just wants what he deserves. The question remains if the wrestler will leave DWL for something better. Will Rooster go to Charlie’s Dystopia in Heels?

Rooster Robbins will likely switch to Charlie’s Dystopia because of his pent-up feelings about the current DWL and Jack. In ep 6’s promo, Charlie even promised that Rooster will be the face of Dystopia and have all the spotlight that he longs for, and deserves.

Episode 5 ended with Rooster and Jack Spade having an open conversation about Rooster’s position in the DWL. It was transparent, and Jack mentioned how they just need to get more audience and sponsorship right now. Once his mind is clear, he will listen to Rooster, his thoughts, ideas, and he will have his day in the ring at DWL. Rooster gives an approving nod, and for once, it all seemed hopeful.

Will Rooster go to Charlie’s Dystopia in Heels?
Charlie and Rooster

However, episode 6 shows Charlie and Rooster having a conversation in a restaurant. Charlie pitches Dystopia to Rooster, and the latter is very keenly paying attention to his words. Seem like the ending of episode 5 wasn’t that hopeful after all.

Charlie’s intentions are as plain as day – to bring down DWL and monopolize wrestling in Florida. He takes a very opportune time to hit Jack where it hurts.

On Rooster’s end, the character might be a little annoying but what he asks for is fair and pretty deserving. The way he does, it can be better. Perhaps that could’ve been the case if not for Charlie once again trying to poke his nose with the DWL. So there’s a great chance of Rooster going to Dystopia.

Rooster Robbins | Heels | STARZ

I guess the only way to find out is to watch the next episode. Episode 6 releases on 19th September, and I can’t wait to find out all the drama that will unfold. With multiple arcs heating up simultaneously, I think the next three episodes will be gritty and will pack a punch that we all will feel in our gut.

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Heels is an American drama television series created by Michael Waldron that premiered on August 15, 2021, on Starz.

Two brothers and rivals, one a villain, or “heel” in professional wrestling, the other a hero, or “face” play out scripted matches as they war over their late father’s wrestling promotion and vie for national attention in small town Georgia.

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