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Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have A New Eevolution?

Eevee has been one of the biggest moneymakers in the Pokemon franchise due to its popularity, besides Pikachu and Charizard. Eevee’s popularity can be easily traced back to its extremely versatile evolution pattern.

While other Pokemon evolve to just one specific type, Eevee can evolve into a psychic, electric, fire, water, or any other type of Pokemon using evolution stones and friendship points. 

We get a new Eevee evolution every 2 Generations, so a new Eevolution is long due since Sylveon was introduced in Gen 6. Besides, the Pokemon anime has been teasing a new Eevolution with Chloe’s Eevee.

However, Eevee won’t be getting any new Eevolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Players can access only the 8 available evolutions of Eevee from the Gen 9 roster. But, you can still experiment and get temporary, unique types of Eevee thanks to the Terastal phenomenon.

Why is no new Eevolution announced in Scarlet and Violet?

A lot of speculation has been going around regarding GameFreak’s decision to not release a new Eevee. Fans have been confused as to why a new Eevolution hasn’t been released despite Eevee’s growing popularity, especially after the release of Let’s Go, Eevee! game.

There are two main reasons why GameFreak isn’t releasing a new Eevolution.

A new Eevolution hasn’t been released because it might hurt the marketability of Eevee, since it’s only popular among old fans. Furthermore, Eevolutions exist only to teach new ways of evolution, and no such new evolution mechanic has been introduced yet.

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have A New Eevolution?
Sylveon evolves through friendship | Source: Pokemon Wikipedia

However, all hope is not lost, since the Teratallization mechanic might even pave the way to the eventual release of a new Eevolution. For example, if an Eevee with a dragon Tera type gains popularity among new fans, GameFreak might consider releasing a dragon-type Eevolution of Eevee.

How does Terastallized Eevee work?

Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet will have an additional type, called Tera type, besides their regular type. You can Terastallize your pokemons into their Tera type using a Tera orb. 

After undergoing Terastallization, the attacks of your Pokemon will get boosted if it uses a move that matches its Tera type and original type. 

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have A New Eevolution?
Tera blast, a special Tera type move | Source: Official Scarlet and Violet Website

Terastallized Eevee will be able to use the move set of its Tera type once it Terastallizes. This means that your Flareon can use water-type moves once it Terastallizes despite being a fire-type Pokemon. However, your Eevee can Terastallize only once during a battle.

They will also grow a gemstone representing its Tera type on their head as a crown. For example, a normal-type Eevee who has a candle gemstone on its head has a fire Tera type.

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have A New Eevolution?
Grass Tera type Eevee with sunflower gemstone | Source: Official Scarlet and Violet Website

What Eevolutions are available in Scarlet and Violet?

Scarlet and Violet will have all the Eevolutions released till Gen 6. Here’s the list of all 8 Eevee evolutions you can access in the game.

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have A New Eevolution?
All Eevolutions | Source: Official Scarlet and Violet Website

1. Vaporeon

2. Jolteon

3. Flareon

4. Espeon

5. Umbreon

6. Leafeon

7. Glaceon

8. Sylveon

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