Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep 4: Reva’s “Tracking Device” May Be a Bluff

Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep 3 left us with the cliffhanger of the Third Sister nabbing Leia right when Obi-Wan is being struck down by Darth Vader. Then in Ep 4, Obi-Wan not only manages to infiltrate Vader’s new home planet but also rescues Leia right from under Reva’s nose.

All should be well, except that Reva informs Vader that the duo’s escape is futile since she already planted a tracking device on them. Does this mean that Obi-Wan and Leia will get caught?

It is possible that Obi-Wan might not sense the tracking device, leading the Third Sister and Darth Vader to ambush him once again in Ep 5.

Now, I know that getting tracked down by Vader should sound like a bad thing, but we have to remember that Obi-Wan does seem to be getting back to his older self.

Not only do we see his kickass lightsaber moves in Ep 4, but he is more confident using the Force as well. So even if Vader catches them again, Obi-Wan may be able to hold his ground like the skilled Jedi Master he is known to be.

One of Vader’s fatal flaws is how much he overestimates his own power. I bet he must be going giddy by how easily he defeated Obi-Wan in Ep 3. This is just the kind of overconfidence that could lead to him losing yet another epic fight with Obi-Wan, the next time the two clash.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep 4: Reva’s “Tracking Device” May Be a Bluff
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Is Reva’s tracking device a bluff?

So, the Third Sister aka Reva convinces Darth Vader that letting Obi-Wan escape with Leia was a well-calculated move on her path, as she has planted a tracking device on them. The immediate next scene is of Leia’s droid, Lola, and the show implies that this is where the tracking device is.

We do see Reva interacting with the droid when she’s interrogating Leia. After trying to use the Force to get the truth from Leia, the princess employs Lola to sneak an attack on Reva.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep 4: Reva’s “Tracking Device” May Be a Bluff

While Reva is unable to break Leia, she easily senses the tiny droid and captures it. This is when she could’ve secretly planted a tracking device into Lola, although we don’t see it on the screen. What we also don’t see is how Lola returns to Leia’s position after Reva gets a hold of it.

It is not foolish to doubt Reva—why would she plant a tracker in the first place when she wasn’t expecting Leia to escape or be rescued? Could this just be a spontaneous excuse she came up with so that Vader spares her life? Only Episode 5 will shed light on this.

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