Makee’s Quest for Revenge Confirmed in Halo Episode 8

Halo Episode 8, Allegiance, sets the stage for the season finale, teasing how it would all end for Master Chief, Makee, and the UNSC. While it spent a considerable time exploring the connection between Makee and John, it had other crucial moments as well.

However, those moments are for another day and another article. For now, let’s look at Master Chief, Makee, and the Covenant. After the two meet in the higher dimension on the Halo ring, the two seem to have built a bond and even begin trusting each other.

But, Dr. Halsey interrupts because all she cares about is the greater good of humanity. In a series of unfortunate events, Master Chief is almost killed by his fellow Spartan soldiers, and Miranda finds out about Makee. She has finally decoded the Sangheili language and realizes that Makee killed all the UNSC soldiers on the ship in an earlier episode.

The episode ends with Makee saying goodbye to John on the Halo ring after she touches the artifact and releases a surge of energy across the UNSC base. This leaves us with a few questions:

What will Makee do next? Will she rally The Covenant Army to Planet Reach and destroy the UNSC base, or will she redirect them to the Halo rings to fulfill the Prophecy?

Halo season finale will depict Makee exacting her revenge on the UNSC and humanity. The UNSC on Reach will most likely be defeated, and very few will make it alive. However, the larger war for the Halo rings will continue into Season 2.

Multiple theories and speculations are floating on the internet about how Season 1 would end. So, let’s dive right in.

When Miranda finds and tells Admiral and her father, Commander Keyes, about Makee, the soldier tases her in the same place where she was tased as a kid. This brings back her childhood trauma, and everything she felt for Master Chief dissipates.

When Parangonky tells her that she’ll pay for her betrayal, a vengeful Makee retorts with ‘No, you will!’ She then touches the artifact and tells John goodbye. This means that she is all set to unleash her wrath on the UNSC and humanity. Whatever little faith she had in humans is up in the air.

Theory 1: Makee Will Destroy Planet Reach with The Covenant

The most prominent theory is that she will use the artifact to communicate with The Covenant Army, who has the second artifact, and call them Planet Reach. There will be an all-out battle between UNSC soldiers, including the Spartans, who might regroup, keeping their differences aside.

Makee’s Quest for Revenge Confirmed in Halo Episode 8

In the book Halo: Fall of Reach, a similar battle takes place, and Reach is destroyed completely, with very few people, including Master Chief and Cortana making it out alive. The Halo TV series gives similar vibes and might follow that arc. After all, The Covenant Army needs both the artifacts to be connected to activate the Halo Rings.

So they might come to UNSC for the second artifact and, in the process, lay waste to the entire planet. However, we still have questions about the future of Makee, Master Chief, Halsey, and even Kwan Ha and the Madrigal Portal.

Theory 2: Makee Might Die in the Process

There was one interesting speculation that even if The Covenant wins the Battle of Reach, Makee will die in the season finale, leaving only Master John as the Blessed One. Alternatively, she could also change her allegiances and come onto the human side because of Master Chief.

Makee’s Quest for Revenge Confirmed in Halo Episode 8

If either of these comes true, it would mean humanity will still have hope, and those who survive the battle might reach the Madrigal Portal.

Madrigal Portal had a special significance for Kwan Ha, who is now its protector, for those who don’t remember. Her ancestors believed that this portal was almost sacred and had to be guarded at all costs.

While we don’t know where this portal leads, it could have a connection with the Halo Array. Master Chief, aka John, and the remaining survivors could reach this place, and with the help of Kwan Ha, prevent The Covenant from getting the Halo Array.

The Halo season finale is set to release next week on May 19. It would be interesting to see how all this drama, politics, and action culminates in Season 1.

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