Jack and Cathy May Have a Happy Ending in Jack Ryan S4

Ever since he first saw her, Jack Ryan has not had eyes for anyone else. Yes, I’m talking about the stunning and incredibly gifted Dr. Cathy Mueller! In the Jack Ryan megaverse, Jack and Cathy’s relationship has always been the endgame, be it in the novels or the films. But can the same be said for the TV show?

Jack Ryan will return for its last season in 2023, with Abbie Cornish set to reprise her role as Cathy. Will Jack and Cathy finally tie the knot in Jack Ryan S4?

It is highly likely that Jack and Cathy will get married or at least get together in Jack Ryan S4. Abbie Cornish is set to return as Cathy for S4, despite her absence from Seasons 2 and 3.

You must be wondering why there’s such a huge chance they may get married… Well, let’s get your queries answered!

Will Jack and Cathy get married in S4? Is he already married?

Jack and Cathy May Have a Happy Ending in Jack Ryan S4
Cathy Mueller

There is a huge possibility that Jack and Cathy may get married in Season 4. As of yet, Jack isn’t married in the show.

What may come off as a surprise is that in the novels, Jack and Cathy have already been married before the events of the first book. As the books go by, they have four children together as well, and Cathy becomes the First Lady when Jack is elected President.

They have a solid relationship, which explains why he has no other love interests.

The films and the Prime TV show have gone a different route. They all depict Jack and Cathy in their dating era, with some movies culminating in them getting married/getting together for good.

With the announcement that Abbie Cornish will return to play Cathy, it is expected that the TV show will also take this same approach in S4. There is a lot of groundwork to lay, as Cathy has been MIA for more than a season. But I’m sure their romance will be palpable, and we might finally get to see Jack and Cathy married in the TV show universe!

Who are Jack Ryan’s love interests?

Jack and Cathy May Have a Happy Ending in Jack Ryan S4
Jack Ryan

Both in the novels and TV show, Jack Ryan does not have any other love interest besides Cathy Mueller.

For those fans afraid that Season 4 may throw in a curve ball and pair Jack with someone else, you can rest assured that it won’t be the case. It has definitely been unsettling not to have Cathy around for more than a season, but it’s possible that the writers wanted to focus singularly on Jack and his missions, without the romantic sentiment pouring in. However, with the news of Cornish rejoining the cast for S4, it can only mean that the Jack-Cathy relationship will definitely be explored in more detail. Whether or not it will end in marriage is left to be seen, but do expect more lovely moments from the couple! 

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