Will Hajime Nagumo die? Can he make it through the dangers of Tortus?

While it’s every otaku’s dream to be whisked away into a surreal new world, it was nothing short of a hellish nightmare for Hajime Nagumo in Arifureta. Ever since his ordeal in the Orcus Labyrinth, Tortus doesn’t seem to give him a break.

As Season 2 rolls in, he’s already got enemies lining up – the Supreme ruler of the Demon army, Freid Bagwa, and the mysterious warrior angel.

With Episode 2 painting a grim fate for Hajime as a massive laser beam strikes him, fans have been wondering – Does he die? Will he make it back home in one piece?

Although severely injured from Freid’s surprise attack, Hajime is still alive in Episode 3. While his team and he put up a fight, Freid’s cowardly attempt to save his bruised ego leaves them in an active volcano that’s ready to blow.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Arifureta.

Who’s The New Villain?

Arifureta is known to chuck one enemy after another at Hajime. Kicking off Season 2 is the Commander of the Demon army, Freid Bagwa.

While he pulled the strings behind the war on Ur to kill Aiko and Cattleya’s ambush on the Heroes at the Orcus Labyrinth, he finally decided to step in as Hajime and his team quickly overpowered his subordinates.

However, even after his surprise attack on Hajime at Great Gruen Volcano, he was still no match for him. And after getting a taste of Tio’s dragon fire, he cowardly retreated, opting to let the active Volcano’s eruption finish them off.

It’s evident that Freid’s full of himself as he parades his overzealous devotion to his god’s mission and his divine magic powers. But as soon he was injured and almost defeated by an ‘Irregular,’ his pride took a significant blow.

Afraid that he had to admit to the shame of defeat and, even more so, admit that he miscalculated his foe, Freid tried to let the Labyrinth’s magma save him from humiliating himself any further.

But Hajime had the last laugh as his Cross Bits blasted him while he was waiting for the doors to seal at the mouth of the Volcano.

Did Hajime Get Even With Hiyama?

Episode 3 of Season 1 sees Hajime outright stating that he couldn’t care less about exacting revenge on Hiyama, as his only goal was to return to Japan with Yue.

Will Hajime Nagumo die? Can he make it through the dangers of Tortus?
Hajime & Hiyama | Source: Fandom

Despite being responsible for his hellish nightmare in the Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime surprisingly lets Hiyama off the hook. Although he has not and never will forgive him, it’s odd that he doesn’t consider him an enemy to destroy.

Even after saving his classmates from Cattleya’s monsters with his extraordinary stat-breaking powers, he refused to lay a finger on Hiyama.

Instead, he went on a tirade about Kouki’s misguided sense of justice, which ended in him threatening the entire class to stay out of his way if they valued their lives.

But instead of counting his blessings, Hiyama has once again allowed his fear and hatred of Hajime to land him in trouble, as Episode 3 of Season 2 sees him forming a pact with an unknown person to get his hands on what he desired the most.

As the scene pans to a distressed Kaori in the kingdom of Ankaji, we know history is about to repeat itself. Although this time, it may not end well for Hiyama.

Is Hajime In Love With Kaori?

No, Episode 13 sees Hajime rejecting Kaori’s confession as he states that he’s in love with Yue.

However, this doesn’t deter her from joining his party to win him over, which results in the birth of the lovers’ feud between her and the Vampire princess.

Even though it makes for great comedy, Kaori’s infatuation with Hajime raises the question of why she was the only one in his class to take an instant liking to him.

Will Hajime Nagumo die? Can he make it through the dangers of Tortus?
Kaori & Hajime | Source: Fandom

Before Hajime became a trigger-happy edgelord, he was a sleepy-headed otaku who would always try to disappear among the masses.

However, Kaori’s attention to him made it impossible, as she was the school’s ‘goddess.’ Thus, garnering him stares wherever he went.

His entire class despised him because they believed he wasn’t worthy of her kindness and time. They believed that Kaori only clung to Hajime to improve his way of life out of the goodness of heart.

But when he showed no signs of any change, his classmates loathed him even more for his apparent disrespect of her efforts. Because he was hounded by murderous looks from everyone, he wanted nothing more than for her to leave him alone.

However, in the light novel, we see that Kaori’s actions stem from her genuine love for him after a particular incident involving bullying. Hajime held on to the bully’s feet to prevent him from inflicting any more harm to his victim.

While Hajime viewed his actions as cowardice, Kaori praised him for strength in character as she believes that anyone with a muscular physique can stand up and fight. However, it takes real courage to stand to someone stronger than you despite the risks.

Who’s The Warrior Angel?

We’ve got brief glimpses of her in Season 2’s opening and first episode. However, she doesn’t seem to be an ally, as both instances have her squaring off with Hajime.

But what’s troubling is that she can give our gunslinger a run for his money as we see him breathless and tired a minute into Episode 1. While he does have the resolve to draw his gun, the aftermath is still unknown.

Since Tortus has three major races, we could see if she fits in anyone. We know Hajime’s raw power outmatches every Hero, hence eliminating the possibility she’s human.

Since it’s very likely she’s a powerful magic-user, she can’t be a Beastmen as they have no affinity for magic.

Even though Hajime seems to be giving it his all, she’s unfazed, expressionless, and has absolutely zero traces of any damage, thus hinting that she could be a demon.

However, the demons we’ve seen so far usually fight with reinforcements – either their own kind or monsters. Plus, Hajime’s weapons should have dealt some damage as they did with Freid Bagwa. 

While her powers can’t be used to categorize her into either of the species, her wings may provide some answers. Since they are very reminiscent of Ehit’s wings in the Holy Church, it is likely there’s a connection.

Ehit’s confirmation to be the villainous puppet-master of Tortus in Episode 5 of Season 1 also backs up her hostility towards Hajime. So we can have two possibilities – either she’s the false god or a high-ranking minion.

Will Hajime Nagumo die? Can he make it through the dangers of Tortus?
Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest | Source: Fandom

While I can reveal her identity from the web novel, it’s a major spoiler for the whole of season 2. But if you’re game to enter the spoiler zone, check out the information below.

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