Will Expedition Arc Become a Rescue Mission of Replica?

World Trigger has always portrayed devastating scenes in a very subtle manner. One minute everyone is happy and laidback, and the very next minute, something traumatic happens, then it’s back to being a happy vibe; now, this has become a cycle.

Something similar happened to one of favorite characters & Yuma’s chaperone – Replica. Replica, popularly known as the ‘talking rice cooker’ amongst the fans, was removed from the happy picture, and fans are dejected over this.

Luckily for Osamu and the others Chika was saved from being kidnapped in the Aftokrator invasion but at a far greater cost if you ask me – Replica sensei sacrificed himself. Since then, fans worldwide have been asking – does Yuma get him back? Let me answer that for ya.

Kuga Yuma does not get Replica back in the World Trigger manga as of chapter 206. However, he will get his chaperone (Replica) back in one piece by the end of Aftokrator away mission.

1. Is Replica really Alive?

The large scale invasion by Aftokrator was colossal in comparison to the attack four years ago. Every person present on the battlefield was dealing with a lot of pressure.

Will Expedition Arc Become a Rescue Mission of Replica?
Replica | Source: Fandom

Replica was already assisting people into safety by dividing himself into his mini versions while his main body was fighting with Yuma. Nevertheless, Yuma felt Osamu needed Replica more than he did at that moment.  According to Yuma, Replica is alive somewhere in the Neighborhood, the reason being the last remnants of Replica’s body is still with Yuma.

Mira’s surprise attack splits Replica into two parts, but unlike other Trion Warriors, his trion particle did not disappear into the air, suggesting that he is alive but disabled.

2. No Matter the Heart Ache, He Had to Go

After Yuma and Replica’s arrival, the Border would have been a formidable power, and the chances of defeating the Border would have been close to none. It was necessary to remove Replica from the story for Tamakoma 2 and Yuma’s character development.

They were practically fighting the extraterrestrial who had more advanced technology and having no casualties would have been considered a plot hole. The abduction of C-rankers and civilians gives a reason to create an expedition force. 

World trigger yuma's EPIC moments
World Trigger Yuma’s EPIC Moments

As Replica revealed, Yuma has no will to live, and he wanted Osamu to take care of Yuma and give him a reason to strive further. Retrieving Replica from the otherworld was a significant gateway for Yuma to join the expedition force, and thus, this set the plot for future arcs.

Yuma is starting to adapt to Border’s Triggers, and his skills are enhancing. He was a capable individual, to begin with, but using Grasshopper has made him more agile, and he molds Scorpion to his advantage in rank wars and through Shield has prevented him from bailing out on various occasions.

If Replica were still present, he probably would have relied on him rather than the Border triggers. Yuma has showcased growth from the Large Scale Invasion arc, and he is on a path that would make him as strong as his late father.

3. The Aftokrator Expedition Force!

The Border plans to rescue the missing people and the abducted C-rankers from the past four years. In the recent manga chapters, the Border has already created an Expedition Force consisting of 11 squads, including Tamakoma 2 members.

Will Expedition Arc Become a Rescue Mission of Replica?
Aftokrators | Source: Fandom

However, this rescue mission does not guarantee that all the missing people will be retrieved from the Neighborhood. The other dimension is a vast place composed of different lands connected with orbits.

Unless they know the exact location, the operation becomes unfavorable.  But in Replica’s case, he is evidently in Aftokrator land, which reduces the possibilities of failure on a significant level.  Given that they have not dissected him and gained information from Replica’s intel or, worse, remodeled him to fight Border.

If Ashihara decides to pull off these strings and turn the story into a betrayal plot, it will be a substantial drawback if the information on Border’s crucial asset, Jin’s side effect, will be out. Not only Chika’s trion level capacity will be known, but Yuma and other agents’ lives will be in jeopardy.

4. About World Trigger

World Trigger, also known in short as WorTri, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It was initially serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 to November 2018 and later transferred in December 2018 to Jump Square.

A mysterious white-haired kid named Yūma Kuga gets transferred to the local school. It turns out, Kuga is actually a humanoid. In school, he becomes friends with another student, Osamu Mikumo, who is, in fact, an undercover C-class Border trainee. Mikumo becomes the perfect guide for Kuga to save him being discovered by Border.


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