Will Axe Get Axe Capital Back? Will Damian Lewis Return To Billions?

Billions season 5 was one of the grittiest episodes I’ve seen in the show for a while. The Chuck Rhoades VS. Bobby Axelrod showdown seemed to culminate, and for a second there, Chuck had me. Just for a tiny second.

But of course, instead of Chuck, it was Mike Prince who got the better off Axe and even Rhoades. He got exactly what he wanted. He joined forces with Chuck to take down Bobby. Once he knew Bobby had no way out, he offered him a couple billion to evade the arrest, but in exchange, he’d be giving off Axe Capital to Mike. A perfect “win win win!”

Backed into a corner, Axe takes the deal and is now in Switzerland, leaving behind his company, money, and even Wendy. The question is will Damian Lewis return as Axe in Billions season 6 to take back Axe Capital?

Damian Lewis will not return as a regular in Billions Season 6, but his return might be possible. Bobby Axelrod is currently in Switzerland and is likely to stay for a significant part of season 6, if not all. Both Damian and the creators have expressed how it is goodbye for now but haven’t negated the possibility of a return.

Will Damien Lewis Return To Billions Season 6?

Will Axe Get Axe Capital Back? Will Damian Lewis Return To Billions?
Damian Lewsi in Billions

After the Billions season 5 finale came out, Damian Lewis tweeted how he was grateful to have been part of the show, calling the series more than just a job. It indeed was, and I am going to miss the legendary Bobby Axelrod.

In an interview with the New York Times, Damian spoke about how the contract was till 5 seasons, and now that they are over, he is exiting as a regular. This comes after the recent passing of the famous actress and his wife, Helen McRory, who we all know as Aunt Polly from Peaky Blinders.

He also mentioned how mining into a character creatively becomes difficult, and people already know Bobby Axelrod as a person. Previously the star ad worked with Showtime on Homeland, which became a huge success and after 3 seasons left the show.

Showtime president, Gary Levine, spoke with Variety and praised the actor for creating and building two of their most successful series – Homeland and now Billions. He also told how he hoped there could be a third time as well.

Billions S05 Finale - Axe Land In Switzerland When Guards Show Up
Billions S05 Finale – Axe Land In Switzerland When Guards Show Up

Despite Damian Lewis exiting the show, the creators and Damian himself said never say never to a possible return. Maybe there are cameos in season 6, or perhaps we might see him later on in season 7. Well, here’s to hoping. Currently, he is in London with his two sons, being with them as they all need some time together.

With Damian gone, for now, the question is, what happens to Axe?

Will Axe Get Back Axe Capital?

Bobby Axelrod mentioned in the finale, “So this is what it is to lose.” after being backed into a corner by Chuck Rhoades and Mike Prince. Defeated, he takes Prince’s deal and flies off to  Switzerland. Would he ever return to the US?

It is unlikely for Bobby Axelrod to return to the US for a significant part of season 6 because of two major reasons. He cannot step into the US because he will be arrested for the charges against him. Even Chuck wouldn’t lose that chance. So, for Axe to get back, he’d have to work out quite a few things before he comes back to the US.

Will Axe Get Axe Capital Back? Will Damian Lewis Return To Billions?
Mafee and Taylor Mason

This brings us to another arc that may be related to Axe. Bill and Mafee. In the finale, when Mike Prince gives a chance for the employees to walk away if they wish to, Bill and Mafee leave almost immediately. In fact, Bill even challenged Prince by telling “See you on the battlefield.”

While Bill waits for the elevator, Mafee joins him, and the two decide to join forces. This doesn’t indicate if Bill and Mafee will work with Bobby Axelrod, but it also doesn’t indicate they won’t. After all, they were pure loyalists who couldn’t imagine working for anybody else.

However, they might try to build something together of their own. Billions season 6 trailer doesn’t really mention or show them, so it’s going to be exciting to see how their arcs unfold.

Season 6 is all set to premiere on 23 January 2022. For now, I’m going to go back and wallow in misery because the best Billions character has bid his farewell and said goodbye.

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Billions is an American drama created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. The series is set in financial centres based in America.

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