What will Cassian Andor’s fate be in Star Wars: Andor? How will he die?

Star Wars: Andor premiered recently, and the titular character is already in a lot of trouble. By Episode 3, he has caused enough destruction for the Imperial Army to notice him, and we wonder what the future rebel hero will do next.

Will Cassian Andor be caught by Karn and the Pre-Mor? Will he die in Star Wars: Andor? Well, if these questions have been bugging you, I’ve got answers to them and more.

Cassian Andor will most likely escape the Pre-Mor Authority, AKA the Preox-Morlana. He will survive till the end of Star Wars: Andor but die in Rogue One, which takes place five years from now.

Disney+’s Andor is essentially a character study at its core. From the time the show was being marketed, creator Tony Gilroy had mentioned that this would depict the journey of a man. Andor, a cold-hearted mercenary in the show, will transform into one of the most notorious and celebrated rebel heroes.

What will Cassian Andor’s fate be in Star Wars: Andor? How will he die?
Cassian Andor

If you’ve been following the Star Wars franchise, you’ll know that Andor is a prequel to Rogue One. It is set five years before the film’s events and sheds light on the dystopian nature of the Galaxy.

Besides the opening scene of the show’s premiere, the first two episodes seem rather mundane. Although I saw the intent of covering a man’s life and setting context to who he is, it didn’t engage me much.

Episode 3 is when I start getting sucked into the grim and dark era of the Galaxy. The visuals and the character performances lend to this experience. The narrative also gives me a glimpse of how Andor will evolve and how telling his story is crucial.

If you haven’t watched Rogue One, then do not read any further. Currently, it looks like Andor might meet his end anytime soon, but that won’t happen.

In Rogue One, we see Andor as the rebel leader who embarks upon the last mission of his life. He devises a plan to steal the plans of a Death Star built by the Galactic Empire. This is crucial because this weapon can obliterate an entire planet and would act as a massive obstacle for the Rebel Group.

So, he, along with his rebel troops, goes on this mission and even manages to ensure its success. His partner Jyn Erso manages to transmit the plans to the rebel command ship. However, the Death Star gets the upper hand when it destroys Scarif’s shield, and everything in its wake perishes, including Jyn and Andor.

This is how the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Officer meets his tragic fate. So, why watch the show? Yes, it is to understand the man behind the legend. But how would you be invested in it?

What will Cassian Andor’s fate be in Star Wars: Andor? How will he die?
Cassian Andor

I believe Episode 3 promises a gritty tale of not just the hero but even the galaxy. We will get a closer look at people from every level in the hierarchy of the galaxy. It is a fascinating portrayal that would showcase the political undertones of the Empire while also depicting how the revolution began and why.

So, hang in there, and catch the next episode of Andor. The fourth installment is coming out next week and will be available for streaming on Disney+.

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About Andor

Andor is an American television series created by Tony Gilroy for the streaming service Disney+. It is a prequel to the Star Wars film Rogue One (2016), following the character Cassian Andor five years before the events of the film.

Set five years before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor will see Cassian in his formative years as he becomes the charismatic Rebel and espionage master.

Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Stellan Skarsgaard, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, and others star in the show. The series premiered on Disney+ on September 21, 2022, with the first three episodes.

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