Does Bobby Axelrod Get Convicted and Go to Jail?

Bobby Axelrod, the mastermind who never misses anything and is the perfect strategist, just made his biggest blunder that might just cost him his freedom. Will the Season 5 finale depict his downfall before Chuck, who has wanted this since Season 1? Will Bobby Axelrod finally go to jail?

Bobby Axelrod’s face at the end of Episode 11 said it all. Or did it? He indeed seemed lost and admitted that for once, he didn’t know what to do. At this moment, I think the show has peaked, and it just doesn’t get any better than this.

The man who was always a few steps ahead of everyone—the law, the enemies, and essentially the smartest person in every room—is now this close to losing it all. But you know what they say, it’s never over until it is over.

Will Bobby Axelrod Get Convicted and Go to Jail in Billions Season 5 Finale?

Does Bobby Axelrod Get Convicted And Go To Jail?
Bobby and Chuck

Bobby Axelrod will likely pull off a last-minute trick to get off free, against all odds. Episode 12 promo shows how he’s being asked to surrender. It also shows him holding a public press conference and taunting Chuck Jr. This could be a part of the trick that will help him stay out of jail.

Let’s take a second to just look at this scenario and appreciate Bobby Axelrod. The man might have a million flaws, but it takes a whole other level of genius to stand up to not one, not two, but three fully grown, influential, and capable opponents.

That’s right. Chuck, Taylor, and Prince came together to defeat their common enemy—Bobby Axelrod. The plan was pretty conventional, considering past ploys within the show. All it took was a classic bait to lure in Axe.

I guess the masterstroke was in knowing the psyche of Bobby Axelrod and letting him dig his own grave as the three merely stood by and watched.

Prince began talking with the cannabis company FYC knowing that Bobby Axelrod would come behind him and try to take away his client. Axelrod, who didn’t see anything other than his agenda, swooped in and poached FYC.

'We Gotta Wedge In There' Ep. 11 Official Clip | Billions | Season 5
‘We Gotta Wedge In There’ Ep. 11 Official Clip | Billions | Season 5

The only problem was that FYC was a cannabis company, and the product was illegal. Axelrod is definitely not stupid. He went ahead and made the deal because he thought that cannabis would be legalized. The reason why he thought this is because Kate testified for the motion of legalizing cannabis. However, it doesn’t look like any of that is happening.

In the end, Bobby Axelrod’s most significant advantage—sheer focus and shrewd business mentality—became his biggest setback.

I don’t think Bobby has ever gotten this close to losing everything before. He sure has come close to getting long jail time, but he always had it all planned out. This is because he was always two or three steps ahead of everyone around him.

But this time, there’s nowhere to go as Chuck, Taylor, and Prince have him backed against a corner.

Despite the odds stacked against Bobby, I still think there’s some way for himto get out of this mess. He is one of the most intelligent characters in the show, and he might use all of it to pull one last trick to get out of this mess. He might lose something, but it wouldn’t be as bad as a long jail time.

Though the Episode 12 promo showed people asking Bobby Axelrod to surrender, we also see him taunting Chuck Jr. in a public press conference to arrest him. It could be a power move to influence the media and sway them to his side. But I still don’t know how it would help him unless there’s something else backing him. I have a feeling there might be something yet unrevealed.

Does Bobby Axelrod Get Convicted And Go To Jail?
Bobby Axelrod

I feel this is because Season 6 is soon going to release next year, and I don’t think the show would be any fun with Bobby in jail for the upcoming season. At best, the show might end with Bobby’s arrest, to end on a cliffhanger, and in the Season 6 premiere, we’ll see him work his magic and get out.

The finale of Billions Season 5 is airing on Sunday, October 3, and we’ll know what happens only then. Until then, I will look for the loopholes and hints that indicate Bobby’s way out. You should, too.

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