Will Asta become the strongest in Black Clover?

With the introduction of Nacht, the vice-captain of Black Bulls, the manga has built up incredible anticipation among the fans, especially with cliffhangers that should be made illegal (seriously).

After this unexpected reveal, his identity as a Devil-power user and offer to train Asta has them theorizing how the characters and plot will develop.

In the latest Black Clover chapter, Asta has been proclaimed to be the ultimate warrior and ace-up-the-sleeve of the Clover Kingdom.

According to Nacht, Asta and his anti-magic is the key to stopping the Spade Kingdom, and due to this, the latter must be powerful enough to succeed.

With the Black Bulls’ vice-captain promising to make Asta stronger, how much will the latter progress? Will he become the strongest character in the end?

Asta will become the strongest in Black Clover. Nacht states that due to his mana-less body being the perfect host for the overpowered anti-magic Asta will become the ultimate warrior in Black Clover.

Will Asta Become the Strongest in Black Clover?
Asta | Source: Fandom

Asta being the protagonist of Black Clover, validates this statement further.

Devil Power Training

Yami and William were taken away by Zenon of the Dark Triad, and both Asta and Yuno were powerless. As he is now, Asta will never be able to save his captain and defeat the spade kingdom.

However, with Nacht’s appearance, it seems that he is going to get a huge boost in power. In his fight against Dante, Asta finally had access to the true power of the Anti-Magic devil through his right arm.

With Nacht’s offer to train him to become strong enough to save Yami, we will see a different and more powerful version of Asta. He might even be able to create an anti-magic zone and even manifest his devil as Nacht did.

Anti-Magic [Mana] Zone?!

One of the many theories going around in the fandom talks about Asta mastering anti-magic in a way that others use magic.

It states that if Asta can course anti-magic through his body for extended amounts of time, he will create an anti mana zone.

This Anti Mana zone will allow Asta to negate every magic that enters it. We saw a prototype of this recently when Yami used his Dark magic mana zone: Black hole.

His magic was able to eat all spells using the never-ending gravitational pull of darkness. Similarly, if Asta is able to do that, he won’t just soak magic up, but magic will cease to exist for him.

We’ve already seen that Anti-Magic can exist in a state outside of the swords in both Black Slash and Black Divider.

Will Asta Become the Strongest in Black Clover?
Devil’s Arm | Source: Fandom

Now that Asta has the Devil’s Arm to use Anti-Magic similarly as Fanzell did, it seems like this theory is soon going to manifest.

What did Nacht mean by Ultimate Warrior?

In the latest chapter of Black Clover, Nacht appeared revealing his status as the vice-captain of Black Bulls, as well as a spy that worked in the Spade Kingdom.

According to him, the ritual of the advent of Qliphoth will begin and continue until seven days.

With seven gates until the bottom where Yami and Vangeance are being kept, they will have to face devils equal to and greater than the Dark Triad.

Will Asta Become the Strongest in Black Clover?
Nacht | Source: Fandom

To do so is quite impossible, and the only chance remains with Asta due to his anti-magic devil powers.

Hence, the latter will be the key piece in defeating the spade kingdom and rescuing the two captains. To succeed, Nacht will make Asta the strongest and ultimate warrior.

The question is, though, what is so special about Asta’s anti-magic that makes him capable of going against high-level devils?

What makes anti-magic special?

Imagine what would happen if Naruto didn’t have enormous chakra but the power to negate chakra? In a world where everyone is categorized by how much of a chakra they have, Naruto would be GOD, because, it wouldn’t matter who’s he up against – you got chakra? you are done for! XD

Anti Magic is energy that stems from the devil connected to Asta’s grimoire. It can nullify other forms of magic by cutting, reflecting, or negating any spell created out of magic.

Asta can even borrow the anti-magic powers of the devil residing within the grimoire to transform into a near-devil state where his powers grow exponentially.

Will Asta Become the Strongest in Black Clover?
Anti Magic | Source: Fandom

Anti Magic can unleash its maximum power in the hands of Asta, who is devoid of any magic and is quite literally, the bane of all magic.

Due to this, it stands a chance against the high-ranked devils, and possibly even against Lucifero.

What makes his anti-magic even more special is the identity of the devil residing in his grimoire.

Identity of the Anti-Magic Devil

Five hundred years ago, when Zegred failed to acquire Licht’s grimoire of despair, it got taken over by the devil of anti-magic.

Asta later received the grimoire and became its wielder.

Later on, he could borrow the devil’s powers, and while unknown how the latter generates anti-magic, he was able to negate any and every magic whatsoever.

Asta Anti Magic Demon vs Word Magic Devil

In the manga, during his fight with Asta, Dante asked Lucifero about the identity of Asta’s devil, and the latter replied it to be a low-ranking one due to its spell-erasing power.

However, as the series is progressing, this seems more and more unlikely.

The Black Clover fandom has many interesting theories going around about the devil residing in Asta’s grimoire, and one actually makes a lot of sense.

This theory states that the real identity of the anti-magic devil is Astaroth, the Great Duke of Hell, who is of similar rank as Beelzebub and Lucifer.

He is the embodiment of laziness, as he makes people forget about their goals and dreams. This kind of personality matches the devils, and It’s kind of perfect as it’s exactly the opposite of Asta’s.

Furthermore, there are many similarities between the symbols on the seal of Astaroth from the grimoire ‘The lesser key of Solomon’ and the 12th ending of Black Clover, which further validates this theory.

This is not even taking into account basic maths, Asta + Roth = Astaroth, get it? (I guess maths does have a use after all)

Twitter user @William_Sibi has clearly laid down this theory in his Tweet

Asta’s Current Strength

Asta is an arcane stage mage with strength above a Stage 0 mage warrior. He wields the rarest of the rare five-leafed clover Grimoire and uses Anti Magic – unique energy that can nullify other magic.

Asta possesses three swords: Demon-Slayer Sword, Demon-Dweller Sword, and the Demon-Destroyer Sword, each more powerful than the other.

Furthermore, after the fight with Dante, he has access to Yami’s Katana.

Will Asta Become the Strongest in Black Clover?
Dark Asta | Source: Fandom

He can now also summon each of his swords without pulling them out manually, combined with some new neat attacks.

He uses a new attack with his Demon Dweller called “Black Slash,” which shoots black demonic energy waves. It is an offensive type mid-range attack.

The slash does not appear to cut the opponent but can knock them unconscious. Asta can swing the sword in rapid succession to create a flurry of slashes for targeting multiple opponents.

He is then seen using Demon Destroyer in the manga, which is his strongest sword and possesses an ability known as Causality Break.

Causality break is a technique that absorbs and cuts through the cause/effect relationship in a spell.

This technique allows the sword to generate Anti Magic tendrils that can absorb and remove spells’ aftereffects.

Its strongest ability lies in the fact that it can even negate Reincarnation Magic and poison.

In addition, with his instincts, Ki, and brute strength, Asta is strong enough to defeat Dante, one of the Dark Triad, with Yami. With Nacht’s help, he will only continue to grow stronger.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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