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Why did Eren go to Marley? Is he Eldian or Marleyan?

Back then, Eren was just a two-dimensional character with one motive, i.e., to kill titans, but now he just flipped the table. Everything has become complicated, and fans are not sure what to believe and what not to believe.

For once, when you thought you understand Eren, he went nope, not today. The plot has become a cobweb. The time skip brought in so many plot twists that it gave rise to dozens of questions. However, Isayama answered one question, the hobo soldier was indeed Eren.

But what is Eren doing in Marley? Why is he missing a leg? Why does he have an injured eye? Do his regenerative powers not work anymore?

For those looking for an answer without spoilers, Eren is purposely not using his powers to fit in with other soldiers. His sole purpose in Marley is to carry out his masterplan. If your curiosity is not satisfied, you are free to read the detailed explanation below.

Please note the following article may contain spoilers from the manga.

1. Why is Eren in Marley?

Considering the long history of Attack on Titan, Eren is undoubtedly not in Marley, just as a refugee. He is planning something, something big.

His motive was to take Zeke back to Eldia. Yelena revealed Zeke’s true intentions to Eren. She wanted Eren to know the plan to a greater extent hence asked him to meet Zeke personally.

What are the secrets behind Eren’s visit to Marley?
Eren Yeager | Source: Fandom

Eating the Warhammer Titan was also a part of Eren’s calculated plan. He took Zeke away as well as gained the Titan’s powers this killed two birds with one stone.

He’s doing everything without the approval of the Survey Corps. He sneaked into Marley borders with them but stayed back to continue his plan.

A possible hidden motive can also be he’s there to get rid of the threat that surrounds the Paradis island i.e. the Marleyans.

Zeke planned to get hold of Founding Titans powers. By obtaining these powers he wanted to save Eldians or more like sterilizing them. Zeke wants the Eldians to go extinct.

It may look like Eren has joined hands with Zeke but he loathes the agenda he’s just going with the flow for now. He needs Zeke for his masterplan.

2. What Exactly Happened in Marley?

The whole Marley and Eldian ordeal happened hundreds of years ago. The existing people have no clue what happened with their ancestors but still have to face the repercussions.

Marleyans are responsible for triggering Eldian into their Titan forms. In the name of justice, they are just murdering innocent lives. Not very different from bigoted views in real life.

What are the secrets behind Eren’s visit to Marley?
Marleyans | Source: Fandom

Willy Tybur happens to be a part of the nobility who shares a similar bigoted view. His speech to massacre Eldians to take revenge and survive serves as a mockery of Eren’s core values.

Although Eren realized Marleyans are not different from him for they too are human. Willy’s speech where he declared war was a perfect moment to strike. He ate Warhammer Titan and gained its powers. This fiasco created a lot of casualties, many civilians couldn’t survive.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Attack on Titan.

It was revealed Eren can see the future. He knew all along of the outcome which pushed him further into this hopeless misery.

3. Is Eren an Eldian or Marleyan?

The ancient war caused by the Subjects of Ymir led to the invasion and downfall of the then prosperous Marley. Due to intergroup conflicts, Eldia couldn’t enjoy the top of the hierarchy.

Marley took its chance and attacked Eldia in its vulnerable state. Find any similarities to the real world? That’s the beauty of Attack on Titan. Grisha’s basement revealed many dark secrets.

Eren confronts Reiner|Attacks Marley (attack on titan) (1080p)
Eren Confronts Reiner and Attacks

The Eldian king out of guilt remained a pacifist and didn’t do much to protect his citizens. This is why Eren has taken up to himself to save his loved ones.

Subjects of Ymir have her blood and are capable of shifting into Titans. Eren is an Eldian, so was Grisha and Eren’s mother.

Being an Eldian is more to do with race than nationality. It doesn’t matter if they’re living on the Marleyan land if they have her blood then they are Eldians.

4. Is Eren Planning World Destruction?

At the beginning of the series, Eren was just an impulsive boy working his way up to kill Titans that took everything away from him.

But now his ice-cold eyes state otherwise. He seems calm, observant, and very calculative. Eren realized Titans are innocent people forced into creating a bloodbath.

Eren has always been highly goal-driven. He needs a purpose to survive. The freedom he wished to have was never his. The world beyond the ocean brought in more despair for him.

What are the secrets behind Eren’s visit to Marley?
Eren Yeager | Source: Fandom

The only way to save Paradis island is to hunt down everyone who wants its demise. Every being outside is seen to despise the island.

So is Eren going up against humanity? The boundary between right and wrong doesn’t matter to him. To serve his true purpose there are bound to be some bad choices.

The plot twists have already wrecked our brain cells. Only time can tell what he is planning, let’s stay tuned for the upcoming chapters and episodes!

5. About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It’s been serialized in Kodansha’s monthly Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine since September 2009

It is set in a world where humanity is protected by gigantic walls from man-eating humanoids called Titans. It centers around the story of Eren Yeager who vows to exterminate Titans after a Titan kills his mother and destroys his hometown.

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