Who Was at the End of Wonder Woman 1984?

Wonder Woman 1984 was released last Friday and is now available in theatres and HBO Max. The film is set 66 years after its 2017 prequel Wonder Woman. While the movie gave us some fun and exciting scenes, there is one thing that left everyone with more questions than answers.

The mid-credits scene in Wonder Woman 1984 shows a mysterious figure who introduced herself as Asteria left everyone more confused than ever. Asteria was played by Lynda Carter, the former Wonder woman in the TV series Wonder woman.

Who Was At The End of Wonder Woman 1984?
Lynda Carter as Asteria

Even though not all DCEU films feature a post-credit scene, some movies like Aquaman and Suicide Squad gave a glimpse into the franchise’s future films with their post-credit scenes. Does that mean we will see more of this mysterious Amazon played by Lynda Carter in future films? What exactly does the credit scene mean? We will analyze and answer the questions one by one.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Wonder Woman 1984.

1. What Happens in Wonder Woman 1984 Mid-credit Scene?

The scene begins with a mysterious figure dressed in blue walking ahead, with her back to us. As she walks, we see that something accidentally drops from the hands of a man trying to tie it up in a pole.

The pole starts to fall on a woman who’s with a baby when the mysterious woman stops the pole with a single hand as if it’s nothing and proceeds to walk ahead. The mother follows the lady in hopes of thanking her.

The lady then introduces herself as Asteria, adding that it’s a name from her culture when the mother compliments her name. The mother looked stunned when she asked Asteria how she managed to hold the pole. To which she gave an amusing answer with a wink.

“It’s just a simple shift of weight. Takes practice. But I’ve been doing this for a long time.”

Lynda Carter

After which, she turns around and walks away into the crowd of people.

2. What does the end Credit Scene Mean?

The hardcore fans must have felt nostalgic with Lynda Carter’s cameo in the mid-credit scene. But that wasn’t her first appearance in the film.

When Steve Trevor spots a golden armor in Diana’s house, Diana mentions that it belonged to the most incredible Amazon warrior Asteria.

In a flashback from Diana, we catch a glimpse of an armor-clad woman. Even though they didn’t reveal the face, anyone who has previously watched the Carter starrer TV series can recognize her eyes.

The armor was forged from multiple Amazon armors. She took responsibility to stay behind and fight against the man’s army alone, to let her fellow Amazons escape from slavery to Themyscira. It is an island said to have been made invisible by Zeus himself.

Themyscira, the invisible island of the Amazon warriors.

Diana mentions that she tried to search for Asteria, but she could only find the golden armor. To which she thought that the warrior had died, sacrificing herself for her people.

But the mid-credit scene rules out the possibility of her being dead, as we can see that she’s alive and is blending in the modern world just like our Wonder Woman.

The armor was later used by Diana to fight against Cheetah and Max in the climax scene.

3. Will We See Lynda Carter’s Asteria Again?

The mid-credit scene didn’t have a lot of action, and it was pretty short, but it was quite interesting to see Carter as Asteria.

This caters to a possibility of Asteria and Carter meeting in future films, owing to how Asteria’s golden armor was a highlighted detail in WW84.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince
Diana Prince in Asteria’s golden armor

Maybe an action scene with Asteria and Diana is too much to ask for, but there might be a possibility of them meeting in the future.

Asteria is Canon, But Not So Much

Even though Asteria is an important historical figure of Amazon history in WW84, she was not in the comic series. The only mention of Asteria’s character in all of the DC comics is in the book Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl #1 (September 1998).

Therefore that makes Asteria a brand-new character. Very little is known about her, which opens possibilities for Asteria to make an appearance in future films, if any.

5. Will There Be Wonder Woman 3?

Wonder Woman 3 has been confirmed by Patty Jenkins, the director and producer of the movie, though it might take a while to come out. With the second installment of the trilogy having been released just last week, it might as well take a few years for the third and final installment of the Wonder Woman series.

Jenkins is currently focusing on a Star Wars project, so we can only expect the next Gal Gadot starrer, Wonder Woman 3, to come out after her ongoing projects.

There are a lot and nothing to expect from the next film since there is only so much we can guess.

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