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Who tried to Kill Nagumo Hajime?

A victim or a perpetrator? Who exactly is Nagumo Hajime in the “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”? But before we dive into this guy’s interesting character arc, let me take you back to memory lane when I first picked up this web novel. 😁

Ryo Shirakome (the author) and Takayaki (illustrator) impressed me with their firearm, swordfights, and battle-hungry storytelling! Sure, it’s not a manga. But a web novel, turned later into a light novel, offers insight into the characters’ mind sets.

Pictures, of course, in manga format, are appealing because of the lovely illustrations despite being only black and white.

However, the uses of words to describe the events unfolds the tragic storytelling that occurred in Nagumo’s life story and psyche. That’s how his story shined despite being just a web or a light novel!

So, if you want a recap of Nagumo’s traits and personality, read on how he got tangled in attempted murder!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest.

1. Who Tried To Kill Nagumo Hajime?

Daisuke Hiyama tried to kill Nagumo by pushing him into a cliff (or into the Abyss) when the class was on a “field trip” in Tortus. This evil deed is fueled by none other than jealousy because Daisuke perceives Nagumo as his rival in love to Kaori Shirasaki’s affection.

To cover up this act, he enabled the help of a fellow classmate, Eri Nakamura. She promised she’ll cover up for his murderous crimes if he obliges to her wishes.

Who tried to kill Nagumo Hajime?
Daisuke Hiyama | Source: Fandom

Daisuke becomes wary of her because he knows she’s also using him so she can be the girlfriend of Kouki Amanogawa (who lusts for Kaori).

Since he also sees this deal as a threat, he obliged because she agrees to betray the Heiligh Kingdom, their “friends”, and other classmates with their fraudulent lies.

2. How Was Nagumo Hajime “Killed”?

Metaphorically speaking, Nagumo did die — his old self died to give birth to his new, but terrible, personality! Literally speaking, he was pushed into the Abyss and almost died at the hands of his murderer and mortal enemy — Daisuke Hiyama.

Even if I have a good sense of the story’s plot line, I’m amazed how Ryo Shirakome and Takayaki weaved Arifureta in their light novels!

Who tried to kill Nagumo Hajime?
Hajime Nagumo | Source: Fandom

For one thing, Hajime Nagumo is an anti-hero in “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”. The light novel’s title made it clear from the beginning that this novel is echoing a “rags-to-riches” or “failures-to-success” Cinderella story.

However, unlike Cinderella, our male protagonist here was swayed to possess antagonistic traits. His primary feelings are anger, hate, desperation, and devastation.

Moreover, he retaliates against his harassers and many other troublemakers to inform them of the dread that they’ll be facing when he returns.

That’s how Nagumo was “killed”. Sure, he almost took his last breath after falling from the cliff. But he didn’t. He fought by overpowering the Abyss creatures and devouring their meat! After this gruesome incident, Nagumo mutated.

He absorbed the powers of his monstrous food and became a terrifying creature of the Abyss himself!

3. Nagumo Becomes A Monster

Just as how a human like Nagumo devoured the monsters, the roles between him and Daisuke reversed as well.

A formerly weak-willed otaku (Nagumo) became an anti-hero instead of choosing to be the hero of his own story. In the same way, Daisuke become the target and victim to Nagumo’s hatred and vengeance!

Who tried to kill Nagumo Hajime?
Haijme Nagumo | Source: Fandom

Nagumo shows no mercy against his enemies. Even if you were friends in the past but stand up against him now, you become his enemy!

To give you more background about his human life, let me tell you a little bit of his past. Long ago, Nagumo was a compassionate human who possess a kind heart.

But no sooner, he saw his humanity as a weakness. So long as he posses a fragile heart, Nagumo believes that he’ll be an incompetent loser for the rest of his life.

His shameful past haunts him even if he used to be a gentle and loving person. For example, in school, Nagumo was constantly bullied by Daisuke Hiyama and other classmates. This abuse opened a miserable school life for Nagumo.

But Daisuke’s abuse went overboard when he pushed Nagumo to a cliff (an act of betrayal against the Heligh Kingdom and its citizens). Nagumo, though alive, suffered for two straight days after falling into the Abyss!

If you think falling off a cliff is bad, wait ’til I tell you that Nagumo’s arm was decapitated. A monster mutilated it so it can feast on its victim’s left arm!

Viewers can sympathize with Nagumo at this stage after seeing the hardship he has gone through. And just like how any normal human being would act, Nagumo has had it!

No mercy! Hajime kills his classmate infront of his sensei | Arifureta episode 10
Hajime Kills His Classmate

He had enough with the lies, the betrayal, the bullying, the harassment, and the tragedy. That’s why, he decided to become a ruthless murderer incapable of humane feelings!

4. Conclusion

Not many people would go this route. Many would consult for medical, psychological, or emotional help if they’re facing desperation, frustration, or starvation. In Nagumo’s case, he doesn’t have those choices available for him in his timeline and at his era.

No one’s there for him. His “friends” betrayed and abandoned him. So, anime-only viewers, understand it from his POV.

Who tried to kill Nagumo Hajime?
Hajime Nagumo | Source: Fandom

He’s a human being. And just like any human, they will break down if left unchecked (their moral compasses are going haywire) and if there’s absence of love.

But despite these unfortunate events, Nagumo has now grown powerful! For one thing, he can take care of the people, the team under him, and of course, his “lover”.

He has received all these blessings after weathering several terrible storms in his life. If not for the betrayal, these blessings would not even occur.

Nagumo may have become cold-blooded because he lost his humanity and kindness. But as a “God Slaying Demon King”, Nagumo leveled up his powers!

He’s proficient in longsword fighting and has enhanced his strength and stamina. Furthermore, his physical abilities became more formidable due to his superhuman reflexes and endurance!

So, what do you think of Nagumo now that you’ve read a recap about him? Do you like how the creators weaved him as an anti-hero instead of the traditional protagonist type? Share your insights with us in the comments section below! We can’t wait to hear from you. 😄

5. About Arifureta

Hajime Nagumo and his high school class are suddenly summoned to a fantastical land as heroes. But while most of his classmates have powerful stats and abilities, Hajime does not.

Underappreciated and unprepared, he tumbles into the depths of a monster-infested dungeon where voracity and sacrifice are his only options.

To thrive in this savage world, he’ll have no choice but to welcome the Abyss.

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