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Nano Machine: The heinous person behind Lady Hwa’s dead

The protagonist, Cheon Yeo Woon had a harsh life since childhood being the unwanted prince who rank the lowest for the throne. The only love and care he got from his family were through his mother, Lady Hwa.

Lady Hwa was the seventh wife of Cheon Yu-Jong, the Demon Lord. Sadly, even the warmth of his mother went cold when he was little. The only cause of death that the investigation team could find was Lady Hwa was poisoned.

Cheon Yu-Jong was furious to the point of destroying the poison clan when he found out his wife died of micro-poison. Yet, this was ruled out by the demonic doctor saying that the “micro-poison” was not exclusive to the poison clan.

Even though the poison clan manage to avoid suspicious eyes, the clan suffered heavily with the poison clan losing its position in the council of elders. Cheon Yu-Jong even cut ties with all his remaining wives of the 6 clans.

Nano Machine: The heinous person behind Lady Hwa's dead
Nano Machine | Source: Fandom

Thankfully, Jeolmu Hyeon (author) and Geum Gangbulgoe (illustrator) solved the whole mystery of who poisoned Lady Hwa in chapter forty-two of the manhwa.

Lady Mu is the heinous person who poisoned Lady Hwa as revealed in chapter forty-two of the manhwa.

Cheon Jongsum recalls his mother, Lady Baek handing over the micro-poison to Lady Mu. A year after passing the poison news of Lady Hwa’s death arrives.

Who Is Lady Mu?

Lady Mu is the first wife of Demon Lord Cheon Yu-Jong and the sister of Mu Jinwon. Both Lady Mu and her brother belong to the Dark Clan, where she is the head and her brother is the clan leader.

Nano Machine: The heinous person behind Lady Hwa's dead
Lady Mu | Source: Fandom

The Dark Clan is the strongest clan among the Demonic Cult’s 6 Clans. Lady Mu’s brother is also the first elder of the Demonic Cult.

As such Lady Mu has lots of authority in her hands and will use anything to get what she desires. Lady Mu is the most terrifying lady in Nano Machine.

Why Did Everyone Hate Lady Hwa?

The 6 wives of Cheon Yu-Jong were all jealous of Lady Hwa. They couldn’t digest the fact that even though she comes from a lowly background, their husband loves her above all else.

This was truly evident with how Lady Mu acts. She being the first wife of the Lord is the strongest among the wives.

Yet, she felt belittled due to Lady Hwa’s presence. She hate her to the point that she got rid of her using the micro poison while trying to pin the blame on the poison clan.

Nano Machine: The heinous person behind Lady Hwa's dead
Lady Hwa | Source: Fandom

Even Lady Baek was elated with the news of Lady Hwa’s death as she hated that lowly woman’s existence.

Everyone in the high society hated Lady Hwa because of her bloodline not being noble. The only ones who truly cared for her were her husband, her son, and her guard Jang.

Why Does Lady Mu Still Try To Kill Lady Hwa’s Son Even After Her Death?

Lady Mu being the first wife of the Demon Lord uses her authority to the maximum. And boy she certainly used her authority again right after Lady Hwa dead.

She gave Cheon Yeo Woon an oath to not learn martial arts until he was admitted into the demonic academy.

She didn’t even spare a child from her wicked schemes. Being abandoned of martial arts in a realm where martial arts reign is practically stripping one’s life force.

Nano Machine: The heinous person behind Lady Hwa's dead
Cheon Yeo Woon | Source: Fandom

That alone wasn’t enough to satisfy Lady Mu’s hatred as she keeps sending multiple assassination attempts on Lady Hwa’s son. Lady Mu wants to eradicate any possibility of the illegitimate child to the right of the throne.

The very existence of Lady Hwa’s son makes her blood boil to the point of wanting to kill Cheon Yeo Woon over and over again.

About Nano Machine

Nano Machine is Webtoon written by Jeolmu Hyeon and illustrated by Geum Gangbulgoe. It is adapted from a Webtoon novel with the same name. It is published by Naver in 10 June 2020 and is still ongoing.

Cheon Yeo Woon, the discarded Prince of the Demonic Cult is cursed with only misfortune and hardship. His whole life turns upside down when a descendant from the future abruptly appears. This descendant installs a nano machine inside his body which drastically changes Cheon Yeo Woon’s life after its activation.

The story of Cheon Yeo Woon’s journey of shunning the Demonic Cult and soaring to become the best martial artist has just begun.

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