Top 17 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!

As soon as a character wields a gun, you know things are about to get real. Gunslingers have a naturally high level of badassery and anime has some of the best gun users I have seen.

Gun sequences don’t just belong in the movies. Anime characters, despite having so many other abilities and powers, make formidable gun users, and it is often their prowess with firearms – be it handguns or snipers – that make them most memorable.

However, their other abilities, character quirks, supernatural powers, and personalities also play a role in making them the strongest marksmen of all time. Keep your hand on the trigger cos I have some pretty deadly shooters for you – here are the top 15 strongest gun users in anime!

17. Riza Hawkeye – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Riza prefers guns to swords or knives, not because she loves to shoot, but because she doesn’t have to feel her victims die. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is one of the famous non-alchemists on Fullmetal Alchemist.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Riza Hawkeye | Source: Fandom

Because of her sharp vision and unflinching aim, she got nicknamed “Hawkeye” after fighting in the Ishval War. Riza is an expert with firearms and all kinds of guns, including pistols, handguns, action-rifles, and snipers

Against Gluttony - FMAB (Eng Sub)
Riza against Gluttony

She never misses her mark and is skilled enough to protect trained alchemists like Colonel Mustang and Edward Elric. She also has complete expertise in cleaning and reassembling firearms, conducting covert operations, and using combat tactics in battles with guns in either hand.

16. Yoko Littner – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

One of the main characters of the outrageous anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Yoko Littner is a young female teen gunslinger – and pretty iconic at that.  

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Yoko Littner | Source: Fandom

She always has her sniper rifle on her person and can defend herself easily against multiple attackers without any help.

She’s a skilled marksman who can aim at the weak points of her opponents from a distance and during combat. She can also pilot gunmens – a type of mecha which is a form of transport and combat – including the Dayakkaiser, and once co-piloted the Gurren-Lagann with the protagonist Simon.

15. Watari – Death Note

Who doesn’t like Watari from Death Note? He reminds fans of Alfred from Batman, and is a father-figure to L, a deuteragonist on the global phenomenon that is Death Note.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Watari | Source: Fandom

The guy has to be in his seventies – but he sure has a helluva steady hand. Watari is a master gunsman. He once shot a tire from miles above from a moving helicopter. The only reason someone might get away in a fight from him is because Watari wasn’t aiming to kill.

He is the only one who know L’s real identity and is the. Watari is also an inventor and a founder of multiple orphanages. If Watari had the advantage of age and wasn’t such an absolute softie at heart, he’d be higher on the list.   

14. Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel can be classified playing the rake or lovable trope in the sci-fi anime show Cowboy Bebop.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Spike Spiegel | Source: Fandom

Spike’s a bounty hunter, but totally lazy about it. He’s great at hand-to-hand combat and skilled in a variety of firearms, including snipers. But he’d rather be slouching on the sofa in the Bebop spaceship than fighting in a battle.

Though when it comes down to it, Spike sure can fight, guns blazing. He’s good with all types and sizes of weaponry, from guns and snipers to machine guns and missile launchers. He’s also a skilled martial artist and is alert and quick when he has to be.

13. Golgo 13 – Golgo 13

Duke Togo, better known as Golgo 13, is the assassin protagonist of the anime Golgo-13. He could easily have a Hollywood movie franchise of his own.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Golgo 13 | Source: Crunchyroll

The dude is a cold-blooded killer, has his own killer’s code, is a complete womanizer, and a terrific driver. Golgo is terrifying when he has his M16 assault rifle in hand since he’s able shoot his target over half a kilometer away, despite the sun blinding him.

His calm and calculating attitude makes him doubly effective his snipers and revolvers.

12. Mista – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Mista is one of the deuteragonists on the famous anime show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Mista | Source: Fandom

First off, you can’t talk about JoJo’s characters without mentioning Stands. Mista is a Stand user, which means he can manifest the energy of his soul psychically into a powerful physical entity. This already give him an advantage over other gun users on this list.

His Stand, called the “Sex Pistols,” consists of 6 “bullet-people” who ride on the bullets that Mista fires from his gun. They can change the trajectory of the bullets and also deflect other bullets.

Mista’s ability to be nonchalant in a storm of bullets, and his precision when it comes to shooting opponents with his revolver, makes him quite the deadly killer.

11. Reiji Kizaki – World Trigger

Reiji Kizaki is an all-round combatant with a high level of expertise. He’s the captain of the strongest unit in Border, the Kizaki Unit or “Tamakomo I.”

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Reiji Kizaki | Source: Fandom

Reiji’s sniper skills are of such an expert level, that he mentors Chika Amatori and leads a sniper team.

He is skilled in all types of shooting and combat, including long and mid-range, close quarters, as well as a trap set. He has amazing tactical abilities and can predict his enemies’ moves. He is also creative with his use of Triggers.

10. Usopp – One Piece

Usopp, the alleged king of snipers! Although his weapon of choice is his slingshot, he is the team’s trusted gunman.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Usopp | Source: Usopp

Part of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp was initially viewed as the comical one in the group, but it’s soon evident that Usopp has inherited his father Yasopp’s amazing marksmanship abilities. Usopp is also an inventor – the guy can make weapons out of anything.

Usopp has one of the three types of Haki or supernatural power in One Piece – the Kenbunshoku Haki (the sixth sense).  This gives him uncanny precision when it comes to aiming and shooting, even in long distances. He can make quick calculations about the path of trajectory of projectiles and ensure that the target is completely annihilated.

9. Isami Toma – World Trigger

Isami Toma is the number 1 sniper and the number 4 overall solo fighter at Border, Mikado City.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Isami Toma | Source: Fandom

He is an A-ranking agent in the Fuyushima Unit that’s just a three-member squad, and serves as the combatant in the unit because of his gunslinger abilities.

Isami is a master sniper and is also great at stealth combat, and is completely unscathed after his sniper practice sessions. He is able to hit all his targets within minutes, and once hit his fellow-sniper Chika in the head from 645 meters away. Isami can also estimate the exact trajectory of an enemy sniper trigger.

8. Van Augur – One Piece

Van Augur, as known as the Supersonic, is the sniper of the Blackbeard Pirates. He is also the captain of the third fleet of the Blackbeards.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Van Augur | Source: Fandom

His excellent accuracy allows him to shoot his rifle, Senriku, over vast distances, killing targets that aren’t even visible to the others. Van Augur also possesses the Kenbunshoku Haki as Usopp.

Along with his amazing eyesight and agility, Van Augur is able to make the most out of Senriku – shooting targets over an extremely long range, or point blank – as we see when he shoots Whitebeard.

7. Yasopp – One Piece

Father of Usopp who ranked #9 on this list, Yasopp a pirate officer and the main sniper of the Red Hair Pirates.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Yasopp | Source: Fandom

Yasopp famously says in one of the episodes, “I could shoot the antenna of an ant 100 ft away”, and if that isn’t indication enough of his gunman skills, I don’t know what is. He is an expert with all types of guns including pistols, muskets, and others.

Yasopp easily defeats the bounty hunter Daddy Masterson, the best sniper of Marine Corps. He is arguably the best sniper and marksman on One Piece.

6. Death the Kid – Soul Eater

Death the Kid – let that name sink in. This little cutie is the second son of Death himself. Soul Eater has the concept of something called as Weapon Meisters, warriors who fight with weapons that are actually transformations of actual people.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Death the Kid | Source: Crunchyroll

The Kid is a Gun-Type Meister, and fights with his Demon Twin Guns, who are the sisters Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson. The bullets from these are terrifyingly strong and fast, and can be used to attack from a distance, as well as in Gun Kata, close combat fighting where you have to use strength as well as gun abilities.

The Kid also possesses Shinigami powers that aid his crazy shooting skills.

5. Kiritsugu Emiya – Fate Zero

Kiritsugu is a master and mercenary in Fate/Zero. He specializes in killing heretical magi using his abilities in gunmanship.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Kiritsugu | Source: Fandom

He doesn’t rely on magecraft to take down his targets. He uses a huge arsenal of modern technology and firearms, which includes revolvers, pistols, machine guns, semi-automatics, sniper rifles, hand, smoke, and stun grenades, plastic explosives, and landmines.

Kiritsugu can also make use of Mystic Codes to imbue magic into his armory. For example, he uses Origin Bullets that are particularly crippling to even powerful magi. Kiritsugu also has an innate ability of time control, where he can alter time and use it to his advantage on the battlefield.

4. Coyote Starrk – Bleach

Coyote Starrk is not human. He is the primary Espada, which makes him the most powerful Arrancar in the army of Sosuke Aizen. He is the only Arrancar who can fire ceros or spiritual energy, without any specific pose or gesture.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Coyote Starrk | Source: Fandom

His spiritual power if so strong that he can split his soul into another being. Crazy, right? In addition to being a master marksman and swordsman, Coyote has the Resurrection ability of unsealing his power in the form of two pistols, that actually house the body and consciousness of his partner Lilynette.

Kyoraku vs. Starrk

This special ability turns him into a full-blown gunslinger who can fire a neverending barrage of multidirectional ceros that are impossible to avoid.

3. Cross Marian – D.Gray-man

Cross Marian or Father Cross is an exorcist and generally capable of destroying akuma or demons.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Cross Marian | Source: Fandom

Marian uses a weapon called Judgement which is a heavy caliber revolver that can spit out several bullets in rapid succession at such high speeds that high level akuma can’t even see them. The Judgement can also shoot Bullets of Condemnation that do not stop until they hit their mark. Cross can also level up by increasing his sync with his gun.

In addition, Cross has a proclivity towards science as well as sorcery. He can create illusions and control minds to some extent, along with being an expert marksman. So basically, if you’re an akuma or someone who’s pissed Cross off, you’re a goner. 

2. Vash the Stampede – Trigun

Vash is a criminal with a bounty over his head. He’s called the Humanoid Typhoon because of the destruction he leaves behind after he’s through firing his guns. He carries a 0.45 caliber silver plated colt and is an engineered being with superhuman abilities.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Vash the Stampede | Source: Fandom

And yet our goofy protagonist is a lover of peace and vows never to kill anybody.

He has enhanced speed, vision, and reflexes and he uses these to dodge bullets and shoot without the intent of killing. But Vash is well-equipped for offensive attack too. He can activate his cannon-like Angel Arm through his gun which has the capacity to wipe off entire cities. If it wasn’t for Vash’s inherently peaceful nature, he would definitely be at number 1.  

1. Alucard – Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard, the protagonist and anti-hero from Hellsing Ultimate, is the strongest gun user in anime. Alucard is an immortal vampire, as well as a ruthless vampire-slayer. His precision with guns, superhuman powers and abilities like regeneration & teleportation make him terrifyingly strong.

Top 15 Strongest Gun Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!
Alucard | Source: Fandom

You have to be a killing maniac if you want to be the strongest gunslinger. Alucard has superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance. He has extrasensory perception, and also has the ability of shapeshifting, telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis, weather control, and the power to defy gravity. The list literally goes on.

But along with the ability to manipulate and drain a person’s blood, Alucard becomes virtually invincible with his two custom-made handguns, which never miss their mark. He’s a bloody terror indeed.


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