Who Is the Strongest Devil in Black Clover? Is It Asta’s Devil?

Devils are an ancient race of magical beings that dwell in the underworld who have access to formidable and frightening forms of magic, such as Anti Magic and Kotodama Magic.

The Devil’s we have been introduced to as of now are Zagred, Megicula, Zenon’s Devil, Anti Magic Devil, and Lucifero. But who is the strongest among them?

5. Zagred

Magic type – Kotodama Magic

Zagred, user of World Soul magic or Kotodama maho, was officially the first Devil to be introduced in the series. He is a high-ranking devil and the main antagonist of the Elf Resurrection arc.

Asta and Yuno vs. Demon - Final Fight, Yami Help To Defeat Demon With Ki (Dimension Slash)
Asta & Yuno Vs Demon

Zagred is a wicked and cruel individual. He is portrayed to be extremely sadistic as he finds joy in other’s despair. His actions come from a deep desire for a body to properly manifest himself and unleash chaos upon the world.

Zagred uses Kotodama magic to alter his surroundings through speech and to manifest physical and magical objects.

While using Patri’s grimoire, he is able to summon various monsters from the underworld that absorb normal magic and lifeforce. He can also summon a trident that destroys anything it touches and distorts the space around it.

4. Megicula

Magic type – Curse Magic

Megicula, the user of Curse magic, is a high-ranking devil who serves Vanica, a member of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. He is the one who has placed deadly curses on Acier Silva, Lolopechka of the Heart Kingdom, and water spirit – Undine.

Strongest Devils in Black Clover
Megicula | Source: Black Clover Wiki-Fandom

Megicula is extremely interested in conducting various experiments with magic. Due to his curious nature, Megicula is highly unpredictable and whimsical.

He cruelly experiments on humans using his Curse-Warding Magic to see what effects it would have on them.

Megicula also uses this magic to create powerful curses. His power is even able to overcome arcane magic and affect spirits such as Undine.

3. Zenon’s Devil

Magic type – Unknown

As a member of the Dark Triad, Zenon is host to one of the highest-ranking Devils. This possession grants him immense power, and he can use up to 80% of his Devil’s power.

Strongest Devils in Black Clover
Zenon’s Devil | Source: Black Clover Wiki – Fandom

The more power he draws on, the more devil-like his appearance becomes. At 55% of his Devil’s power, Zenon can effortlessly defeat Yuno, the four-leaf-clover, spirit-assimilated vice-captain of Golden Dawn.

The identity and powers of this Devil are still unknown; however, looking at the power boost Zenon gains after using its powers, it can only be much stronger than Zagred.

2. Liebe

Magic type – Anti Magic

The Devil of anti-magic is the Devil who resides in Asta’s five-leaf grimoire. According to Lucfiero, he is an inferior devil with a stopgap power.

Sometime after Licht’s corruption and death, he entered the elf’s five-leaf clover grimoire, which later appeared before Asta.

Strongest Devils in Black Clover
Anti Magic Devil | Source: Black Clover Wiki-Fandom

It is unknown how he generates anti-magic, but so far, he has been able to negate all magic thrown at him. He has also been able to share his powers with Asta, who resembles a half-demon when using them.

However, despite the utter lack of information, the Devil of Antimagic will most likely be established as one of the strongest devils by the end of the series.

1. Lucfiero

Magic Type – Gravity Magic

Lucifero is the strongest devil and the most vicious and ferocious demon in Black Clover. He is a high-ranking devil who possesses Dante – the King of the Spade Kingdom, and a member of the Dark Triad. He uses otherworldly magic which has yet not been introduced – which can heal a fatal wound in mere seconds.

Strongest Devils in Black Clover
Lucifero | Source: Black Clover Wiki-Fandom

Lucifero has shown to have some characters that differentiate him from the other devils, such as possessing four wings and horns instead of two.

There is nothing known about Lucifero except that he is the strongest and the highest-ranked demon thus far.

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