Is Tommy the sniper trying to kill Abby & Manny in The Last of Us 2?  

The Sniper sequence is one of the most fun and challenging encounters in The Last of Us 2. During the first stage, The Marina, of Seattle Day 3, from Abby’s perspective, players meet up with Manny and are tasked to close in on a sniper while evading his deadly shots.   

Is Tommy the sniper trying to kill Abby & Manny in The Last of Us 2?

Throughout the sequence, players do not get a glance of the enemy, who is adamant on shooting them down. Fascinatingly, it turns out that this enemy is not some random NPC but one that is well-known by the entire TLOU community! 

The sniper is Tommy in The Last of Us 2, the younger brother of Joel. He wishes to exact revenge on Abby for killing his brother. 

The entire Tommy sniper sequence is an unwinnable boss fight strategically created by the developers at Naughty Dog. However, players can still exploit a major bug in this encounter to take down Tommy and break the game! 

Can Abby kill Tommy in The Last of Us 2? 

Abby can kill Tommy in The Last of Us 2 during the later section of the sniper encounter if players time their approach perfectly and enter Tommy’s room before he closes down the shutter. 

Abby kill Tommy

It is really tough to time it perfectly, but once players reach up to Tommy, they can grab and kill him like any other enemy NPC.  

Watch the video below by Youtuber Speclizer to see how you can do it too! 

Tiny Mistakes in The Last of Us Part II

What happens if Abby kills Tommy? 

The game breaks when Abby kills Tommy as she cannot leave the closed room and progress further into the game. 

As the developers never intended for Tommy to die at the hands of Abby in this sequence, the game leaves no other way to progress further into the storyline. Thus, players must restart the encounter and play it conventionally. 

Who killed Manny in The Last of Us 2? 

Tommy killed Manny with a gunshot during the sniper sequence in The Last of Us 2. 

As Manny and Abby closed in on his position, Tommy closed himself off in a room and then appeared from the back door to attack them.  

Is Tommy the sniper trying to kill Abby & Manny in The Last of Us 2?

He immediately shoots Manny in the head with his sniper rifle, but Abby survives his vengeance for the time being. 

Did Tommy die in The Last of Us 2? 

Tommy did not die in The Last of Us 2 but lost an eye when Abby shot him in the head during the finale theatre sequence. 

Is Tommy the sniper trying to kill Abby & Manny in The Last of Us 2?
Abby Shot Tommy

Tommy survived the shot as the bullet merely grazed the orbital plate temple of his head, resulting in him losing only an eye. Abby immediately chases Ellie into the theatre after shooting Tommy, so she gets no chance to confirm the kill on Tommy. 

Is Tommy the sniper trying to kill Abby & Manny in The Last of Us 2?
Tommy Survive

He later appears in the farmhouse sequence, where he can be seen already recovered from the bullet wound but with no right eye. 

About The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II is a an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. The game is set 5 years after the events of the first game.

Players control Ellie on her journey for revenge against The Wolves, a faction which has set up in Seattle. On her journey, Ellie fights against survivors of the Cordyceps apocalypse and new variants of the infected. The game mixes elements of stealth and gun-play in vast areas, allowing players to approach the situation as they see fit. The Last of Us Part 2 received an overall positive reception and has gone on to win several Game of the Year awards.

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