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Who is The New Jaw Titan? Is it Falco or Galliard?

The Jaw Titan – ferocious, agile, and one of the Nine Titans to have stepped Paradis Island soil while being possessed by Ymir and Marcel!

You’d think that with such extraordinary skill, the Jaw Titan would assist tremendously in the Paradis Island Operation. 😁 Well, think again! There’s more to the Jaw Titan than meets the eye – particularly with its identity!

And while repeat-watching the ending theme song of Attack on Titan: The Final Season (“Shock”), I can’t help but notice the importance of Falco in the series. But who is he, really? Why is he emphasized so much in the anime?

Today, allow me to discuss the powers of the Jaw Titan and its various identities.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Attack On Titan.

This page contains spoilers from Attack on Titan.

1. Quick Answer

As of episode 5 of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Porco Galliard is the current holder of the Jaw Titan. He’s been the holder of the Jaw Titan since he made his debut in episode 1 of The Final Season.

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Who is the New Jaw Titan? Is it Falco?
Porco Galliard as Jaw Titan | Source: Fandom

It’s also revealed in episode 2 that Porco devoured a female holder to acquire the Jaw from her. This female holder goes by the name of Ymir, and she acquired the Jaw from Porco’s older brother, Marcel Galliard.

However, as of the latest chapter of the manga (Chapter 136), Falco Grice is the holder of the Jaw Titan. In fact, fans saw Falco transform into a magnificent flying Jaw Titan carrying Annie, Gabi, and the Survey Corps Squad to safety!

2. Strength and Weaknesses of the Jaw Titan

The form of the Jaw Titan varies from possessor to possessor. When Ymir was in possession of the Jaw, she’s a small mask-less titan with sharp teeth.

Who is the New Jaw Titan? Is it Falco?
Ymir as Jaw Titan | Source: Fandom

When Porco and Marcel transformed into the Jaw, they have full-on claws and face shields (the color of their hair being an obvious difference). And when Falco activated the Jaw, he showed talons and a very large beak!

But it’s not just their physical features that change; their skills, abilities, and techniques also vary from one holder to another. So, let’s go through these one by one to identify each one’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Falco Grice

Fans should not underestimate Falco just because he’s the youngest to possess the Jaw Titan! In fact, at such a young age, he already showed tenacity and stamina while possessing the powerful Jaw!

The greatest strength that his Jaw Titan showed is its ability to fly. He’s the only who can do it. And he did it magnificently to save the Survey Corps Squad from their dire situation in Chapter 135!

There are also so many hints that Falco will turn into a flying Titan. His name alone is based on the “falcon” bird. But more importantly, Falco drank a portion of Zeke’s Beast Titan’s spinal fluid.

This explains why Falco’s Jaw Titan resembles a muscular bird unlike his predecessors. It also explains why Falco’s beak provides an enhanced white armor to protect his Jaw’s nose, mouth, and chin.

Who is the New Jaw Titan? Is it Falco?
Falco Grice | Source: Fandom

Falco also likes birds, which explains why he transformed into a flying titan!

For example, in episode 1 of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, the first scene that viewers see is Falco lying on a war-torn dessert looking up at birds flying in the sky.

He is exhausted and keeps telling the birds to fly away from the war zones because it’s too dangerous!

Some special physical features of Falco’s Jaw Titan lie in his jaw: the outer jaw resembles a large beak because it’s hardened armor as a result of the Beast Titan’s spinal fluid.

In the meantime, its inner jaw resembles the mouth and teeth of a human. Falco’s Jaw Titan form can also regenerate and fly quickly across the skies because the Jaw’s base power is agility. Fly Falco! Fly, and protect your beloved Gabi! 😄

4. Porco and Marcel Galliard

Porco and Marcel Galliard’s Jaw Titan look good and look similar because a) they are brothers, and b) they took the Beast’s Titan spinal fluid.

And because they took Zeke’s spinal fluid, the white armors they possess on their Jaw Titan showcased hardening abilities. The brothers’ Jaws also possess a great biting force.

Who is the New Jaw Titan? Is it Falco?
Marcel Galliard as Jaw Titan | Source: Fandom

This biting force is so strong that it could crush anti-Titan artilleries such as canons! A primary trait of the brothers’ Jaws is their ability to bite strong and durable materials.

Perhaps it’s because the brothers activated their Jaws in their teens (Porco in his late teens, and Marcel in his mid-teens) that they possess such incredible strengths!

Speed, agility, and regeneration are traits that Marcel and Porco share on their Jaw Titans. But some differences include Marcel’s Jaw being smaller than Porco’s (whose Jaw is a 5-metre Titan).

Porco’s Jaw is also faster than his brother’s. He can jump from great distances and make surprise attacks! This is not to say that Marcel can’t perform the same feat and techniques.

But it’s hard to compare because Marcel died (was devoured by Ymir) even before showcasing his abilities during the Paradis Island Operation!

5. What happened to Ymir’s Jaw Titan?

Ymir is the only Jaw Titan Shifter who didn’t consume Zeke’s spinal fluid. That’s why her Jaw doesn’t possess the hardened armor ability that Porco, Marcel, and Falco have.

One trait that stood out to me while watching the anime is how Ymir travelled the barren dessert of Paradis for 60 years at most as a Pure Titan.

During her travels, she devoured Marcel and after doing so, arrived at The Path by viewing the starry night sky.

Who is the New Jaw Titan? Is it Falco?
Ymir | Source: Fandom

Ymir acquired Marcel’s Jaw Titan powers the moment she devoured him. It was a moving moment for Ymir! From that day forward, she promised she’ll never lie to herself again!

She entered the cities within the King Fritz’ Walls, joined the Survey Corps, and found and enabled Historia to enter the Top 10 of the Survey Corps (because she loves her).

Her shining moment occurred at Season 2 of Attack on Titan when she made her debut as the Jaw Titan (This is also the first time that fans get a good look at a Jaw Titan!)

When you look at Ymir’s Jaw, you’ll notice it’s a mix between a Pure Titan and an Intelligent Titan. It’s not Pure enough to be considered as an Abnormal one.

But at the same time, Ymir’s Jaw is an Intelligent one because a) she can understand the basics of fighting and b) she can showcase efficient movements for combat.

Ymir can also regenerate her limbs as shown during the Utgard Castle battle!

It’s also thanks to her Jaw’s small size that she can do the following: a) quickly climb walls and trees; and b) subdue Pure Titans while biting them on their napes using her agile Jaw Titan.

Truth be told, Ymir’s Jaw only possess average strength and speed compared to her successors. But because she is so witty, her Jaw possesses sufficient determination to initiate battles herself!

6. About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha publishes it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The manga began serialization on September 9th, 2009 and continues to date with 30 tankōbon formats.

Attack on Titan follows humanity settled within three concentric walls to protect themselves from the terrifying titans that prey on them.

Eren Yeager is a young boy that believes that a caged life is similar to that of cattle and aspires to go beyond the walls one day, just like his heroes, the Survey Corps. The emergence of a deadly Titan unleashes chaos.

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