Explained: Dr. Strange 2 Mid-Credits Scene and Post-Credits Scene

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a roller-coaster ride that wasn’t as exciting as we all thought it would be. But, dissecting the reason behind this is a conversation for another day and another article. For now, let’s address the elephant in the room – The girl in purple.

Like every MCU movie and TV series, this too had a post-credits scene. However, we were also treated by a crucial mid-credits scene that could either be a tangent to the larger MCU story going forward, or it could be a story for a sequel. Let me break it down for you.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene. In the mid-credits scene, Clea, played by Charlize Theron, appears out of nowhere and asks Strange to help fix an incursion he caused.

The post-credits were merely a running gag from one of the scenes in the film itself. It was also a way for Sam Raimi to take a dig at the MCU tradition and the audience who wait until the credits roll. Here’s what it entailed.

In the film, Dr. Strange casts a spell on a pizza poppa hawker, making him punch himself continuously. When America Chavez asks Stephen how long the spell will last, he says it is a brief one and would go on for three weeks.

Explained: Dr. Strange 2 Mid-Credits Scene and Post-Credits Scene
Doctor Strange 2

After the credits end, we see the same man, who finally stops punching himself, looks at the camera, breaks the fourth wall, and says, “It’s over!” It seemed like a comedic attempt by the director to ask us to stop staring at the big screen because the film was essentially over, and there were no more surprise reveals. Now, onto the big reveal.

Clea (Charlize Theron): The Girl in Purple in the Mid-Credits Scene

Dr. Strange is walking casually on the streets of New York when a lady in a purple outfit appears out of nowhere and seeks help from Stephen. The sorcerer seems a little surprised because he has no idea who this person is, but there is no time for introductions.

Explained: Dr. Strange 2 Mid-Credits Scene and Post-Credits Scene

Clea tells him that he’s caused an Incursion in her universe, and it’s his responsibility to fix things there. The scene ends with her creating a small portal and the two stepping into it together.

For those who don’t remember, an Incursion is a catastrophic event where the boundaries between two universes dissipate, and both of them collide, resulting in the eradication of one or both universes.

This was explained by Mr. Fantastic, played by John Krasinski, from Earth 838. He had mentioned how their universe’s Dr. Strange had caused an incursion in their timeline.

Coming to the lady in purple, Clea. In the comics, Clea is the niece of Dormammu, who appeared in the first installment of this series. He is the ruler of the Dark Dimension in Earth-616, where the MCU is also taking place.

She becomes Strange’s ally, trains as a mystic arts student under him, and even marries him to become Clea Strange. However, later on, she returns to the dark dimension to rule there as the Sorcerer Supreme.

In the film, it is pretty evident that she possesses mystic powers herself and is well aware of Strange’s existence. This means her relationship with Stephen might be different than the one in comics. After all, MCU is known for tweaking the arcs as it sees fit. As of now, there’s no other detail, and we just have to wait and find out.

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About Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the sequel to the  2016 movie Doctor Strange. The film is directed by Sam Raimi with a screenplay by Jade Bartlett and Michael Waldron.

It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, alongside Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Xochitl Gomez.

The sequel revolves around the dangerous consequences of Doctor Strange opening the multiverse.  

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