Miguel’s Father Is Revealed in Season 5 of Cobra Kai

The previous season of Cobra Kai ended with Miguel running away from his home to find his estranged father. There were multiple hints about him, and fans even speculated that characters such as Mike Barnes and Terry Silver could be the Karate prodigy’s father.

However, Season 5 reveals the father and debunks all those theories and speculations. So, who is Miguel’s father? What does he do, and is he everything his mother told about him?

Hector Salazar is Miguel’s father who lives in Mexico with a wife and a stepchild. He escaped from Ecuador to run away from the police and started a shady business in Mexico. Hector never came to know that Miguel is his son.

Miguel’s Father is Revealed in Season 5 of Cobra Kai
Hector Salazar

The father-son arc is explored and culminates in the first two episodes of Season 5. Miguel runs off to Mexico to find Mr. Diaz, who Carmen said was his father. After thinking of someone else as the man, he bumps into Hector and realizes he’s his real father.

At first, everything seems alright, and Miguel thinks that his mother, Carmen, had been wrong about his father. However, once the two get acquainted and comfortable with each other, Hector takes Miguel to an underground street fight.

Here, Miguel realizes that Hector is a criminal running an illegal business. Meanwhile, Johnny and Daniel reach Mexico in search of the kid. Carmen had told them about the place where the underground fight happens. So they reach there in fake FBI t-shirts.

Hector learns about this and thinks that even Miguel is part of the FBI and questions him. In fact, he turns almost maniacal and scrutinizes everything Miguel says. Only once he believes Miguel to be innocent he takes him to a safe house.

Here, the dark side of Hector Salazar unravels before Miguel as he listens to everything in disbelief. Hector talks about how he had to leave Ecuador because he had become too successful at running his shady business.

He even mentions his ex-wife Carmen and his mother Rosa and feels nothing but hate for them. This was the final domino to fall, and Miguel regrets finding his dad. He even delves into questioning his own character because he questioned the people who love him the most.

Miguel’s Father is Revealed in Season 5 of Cobra Kai

So, he calls Carmen to take him back and cries his heart out. Luckily, Daniel and Johnny reach there in time to rescue him. In all this time, Miguel never reveals his true identity, and Hector never comes to know that Miguel is his son. Thus, Miguel reunites with his real family, and the arc around Hector Salazar concludes.

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Cobra Kai is an action drama that is a reboot/sequel of The Karate Kid movies. It premiered on YouTube in 2018, and subsequently moved to Netflix. The series stars Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Courtney Henggeler and Mary Mouser.

When Johnny Lawrence opens the Cobra Kai dojo to teach his bullied teenage neighbor, Miguel, how to defend himself, his age-old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso is ignited once more. Will their rivalry continue to affect their present lives and those they love, or will they be able to bury the past?

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