What happens to Harlan Cooper in The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

We first met Harlan Cooper in Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy and he instantly joined the bandwagon of fascinating characters that the series has to offer us. Harlan is an autistic, non-verbal child who gained incredible powers by chance.

In Season 3, Harlan makes an unexpected return and we realize that there’s more to his story than what we already knew. Now going by the name Lester Pocket, he has now naturally aged into an old man and plays a significant role in Season 3.

However, the season ends on a tragic note for Harlan, as he is killed by Allison.

Harlan Cooper dies in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy in the hands of Viktor’s sister Allison. Allison brings Harlan’s body to the Sparrows, who wanted to see him dead for killing their siblings.

Here’s everything else you need to know about Harlan’s tragic act full of surprises.

Who is Harlan Cooper?

Harlan Cooper is the son of Carl and Sissy Cooper, the couple who took in Viktor when he lost his memory in Season 2. Harlan is a special child who has frequent emotional fits and communication problems. He is non-verbal and autistic, which made bringing him up difficult for his parents.

What happens to Harlan Cooper in The Umbrella Academy season 3?
Harlan and Vanya

After Viktor comes into the Cooper family, Harlan develops a strong bond with him. Viktor also feels a strong paternal connection with Harlan. He even develops feelings for Sissy.

One day, Harlan almost drowns in a lake, compelling Viktor to revive him by briefly tapping onto his powers. Unknowingly, Viktor ends up transferring some of his powers to Harlan.

Although Sissy wishes to run away with Harlan to live with Viktor, Carl holds them at gunpoint. Here, Harlan uses his powers to deflect a bullet and ends up killing Carl. As Harlan’s powers slowly start going out of control, Viktor and his family come to his rescue.

Viktor takes away Harlan’s powers to return him back to normalcy. However, he does not realize that he was not totally successful in removing Harlan’s powers. Harlan retains some of his powers, but keeps it a secret from his mother.

What happens to Harlan in Season 3?

Harlan Cooper makes an unexpected return in Season 3. He comes back as a naturally aged old man, who now goes by the name Lester Pocket. 46 years have passed since the events of 1960 in Season 2.

In Season 3 Episode 3, it is revealed that Lester Pocket is actually Harlan Cooper, who uses his powers to kill Jayme and Alphonso during the stand-offs between the Sparrows and the Umbrellas at Hotel Obsidian. He could even sense Viktor close-by again.

Harlan is no longer non-verbal as an adult. In his younger years, he has had to move around and start over afresh several times, which is why he took up the name Lester Pocket.

What happens to Harlan Cooper in The Umbrella Academy season 3?

It is also revealed that Sissy died on October 1, 1989, the same date as the birth date of the members of The Umbrella Academy. This affects Harlan terribly and he loses control of his powers once again, causing a catastrophe.

Since he was able to sense others with powers, he was able to connect to the birth mothers of The Umbrella Academy. As a result, all of them were actually killed due to the surge of Harlan’s powers.

The question is, if the Hargreeves’ mothers are dead, they should technically not exist in this timeline. Yet they do, which creates the kugelbritz. The kugelbritz is also known as the time paradox or the grandfather paradox, and threatens to end the world.

Harlan eventually ends up dying in Season 3 at the hands of Viktor’s sister, Allison. When Allison finds out that Harlan is the cause of the time paradox, and also the reason why her daughter Claire no longer exists, she kills him.

After killing Harlan, she hands him over to the Sparrows, who wanted to get hold of him because he killed Jayme and Alphonso. So, eventually, Harlan gets a tragic end in Season 3.

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