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Who is Enryu? Why is he known as the Guardian Murderer?

In the first few chapters of this series, Baam was told by Ranker Lero Ro that Irregulars were feared as they brought significant change to the Tower.

Enryu, one of the first known irregulars to have entered the Tower during Zahard’s rule, contributed greatly to this fearsome reputation associated with the irregulars.

Enryu is one of the strongest and most mysterious beings in the Tower of God. But does he do justice to his nickname – the Guardian Murderer?

1. Who is Enryu?

Enryu is an Irregular and one of the most mysterious characters in the Tower. He is the first known Irregular to have entered the Tower during Zahard’s rule.

His most impressive achievement was slaying the Guardian of the 43rd Floor. Before this feat of his, it was initially thought that the Guardians were immortal.

Who is Enryu in Tower Of God
Enryu | Source: Tower Of God Wiki-Fandom

According to SIU, not even Zahard is capable of achieving this even if he tries with all his power, this feat marks Enryu as the second most powerful being in the Tower, with only the Axis Phantaminum being his superior.

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Enryu’s sobriquet is Red Tower. It was given to him because the shinsu within the Tower turned red in his presence, the reason for this is unknown.

2. Is Enryu the strongest character in Tower of God?

Enryu, also known as the “Guardian Murderer”, is an irregular and the only person to ever slay a Guardian. This makes him one of the strongest characters in Tower of God.

Before this feat, Zahard was first in Ranking, although his inactivity led to him being pushed down to a 2nd place by Enryu, who took over the 1st place. This made him the strongest character in Tower of God at that time.

who is enryu in tower of god? how strong is he
Phantaminium | Source: Tower Of God Wiki-Fandom

However, this position was soon taken from him when Phantaminum entered the Tower. With the Zahard Palace Intrusion Incident, Phantaminum quickly took 1st place, pushing Enryu and Zahard down to 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

While Enryu, Zahard and Phantaminum have not fought directly, because of Phataminum’s status as an Axis, he is impossible to defeat. Hence, Enryu is no longer the strongest character in Tower of God.

I. What are Enryu’s powers?

Enryu is an extremely powerful Irregular, having been capable of killing the Guardian of the 43rd Floor. As the Guardians were previously thought to be impossible to kill, this feat alone propelled Enryu to the No. 1 ranking, overtaking Zahard himself. He remained there until Phantaminum appeared.

Enryu’s most notable trait is his overwhelming level of control over shinsu, which is rated a cut above the Guardians. It is called a heretical ability that breaks the laws of the Tower.

His mastery over shinsu manipulation is so great that he is rumored capable of creating life using shinsu, a feat that not even the likes of Urek Mazino is capable of achieving.

 Is Enryu the strongest character in Tower of God?
Enryu | Source: Tower Of God Wiki-Fandom

Enryu has even handled the greatest amount of Bangs in the Tower’s history. Although the accurate number is not recorded, according to a Light Bearer who once had the chance to record Enryu’s combat, Enryu is known to have handled over 9,000 Bangs during combat.

One of Enryu’s famously known methods of combat is his capability of creating thousands of extremely powerful spears made of shinsu and sending them hurling downwards. Some people use the poetic expression ‘Red Rain‘ to describe this scene.

A single burst of his Red Rain was able to completely wipe out every single one of Zahard’s rankers that opposed him and even severely harmed the Guardian of the 43rd Floor.

Enryu is also capable of levitating himself off the ground and moving at fast speeds through the air with ease.

3. Why is Enryu called the ‘Guardian Murderer’?

Enryu’s most glorious achievement is the slaying of the Guardian of the 43rd Floor. This feat earned him the nickname ‘Guardian Murderer‘ and propelled him to the first position, overtaking Zahard.

While he has now been overtaken by Phantaminum, Enryu still remains the only individual in the Tower to successfully kill a Guardian.

I. What is the Floor of Death?

The Forty-Third Floor, also known as the Floor of Death, is a point in the Tower that’s known as a dangerous, lawless place. It is a haven for criminals and enemies of the Jahad Empire.

On this Floor, the Irregular Enryu killed the Guardian of the Floor. The only habitable part of the Floor is buried under the flesh and blood of the deceased Guardian, hence the very name of the Floor.

who is enryu in tower of god? how strong is he
Zahard | Source: Tower Of Wiki-Fandom

Different kinds of monsters prevent outsiders from entering the Floor of Death.

Eventually, should an intruder reach the hall of the Floor of Death, which grants access to the inner part of the Floor of Death, one must offer his or her soul to the High-Leech Monk.

II. Why did Enryu go on a rampage?

The 43rd Floor was originally the floor that Arlen Grace and her husband V fled to after being defeated in the civil war against Zahard and 10 Great Families. During their stay, Arlen gave birth to her son and raised him on this floor.

Unfortunately, Zahard, who had feelings for her, couldn’t accept the fact that she had a child with another person. So he tracked them down and killed the child before her very eyes.

Years later, Zahard established an Altar or Shrine that was dedicated to himself and had his followers and worshipers flock to the area as a pilgrimage site. He also tried to erase any trace of Arlen and her child from the Floor.

While initially it was unknown why Enryu killed the 43rd Floor Guardian, it was later revealed that he entered the 43rd Floor believing that Zahard had desecrated the Floor that was once Arlen Grace’s land.

III. What did Enryu leave behind on the 43rd Floor?

As if a harbinger bringing retribution for defiling the land of Arlen, Enryu arrived on the 43rd Floor.

After giving out a warning that those who followed the ‘fake king‘ would be destroyed, Enryu proceeded to annihilate Zahard’s fanatics. He also slayed the enraged Guardian of the Floor and utterly laid waste to the Floor’s landscapes.

A huge thorn was left behind at the site where the Guardian died, as Enryu’s purpose was to deliver the thorn that would cut the king’s throat.

4. About Tower of God

Tower of God is a South Korean web-toon written and drawn by Lee Jong-hui, also known by the pen-name SIU.

Tower Of God | Source: Forbes

The story revolves around a boy named Baam. Baam only has one person that he loves and cares about, and that is his friend Rachel. When Rachel goes into the Tower, Baam follows her. Rachel vanishes, and thus Baam starts his journey to get her back.

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