Who Has Taken over Cobra Kai as the New Sensei?

The Season 4 finale of Cobra Kai was quite a shock for us in many ways. Starting with the pretty ambiguous win in the All-Valley Tournament to the betrayal of John Kreese by none other than his closest companion Terry Silver, we’ve got a lot to talk about.

Season 4 began with Daniel and Johnny joining hands to bring down Cobra Kai led by John Kreese. However, taking down Cobra Kai is not a cakewalk. So, they failed. But little did we expect that there was another snake out there waiting to betray Kreese.

Terry Silver realized that John Kreese was unfit to manage Cobra Kai. So, he betrayed Kreese despite him being his closest friend and took over as the new sensei in the Season 4 finale. As of now, Terry Silver is the new sensei.

How Did Silver Betray Kreese in Cobra Kai?

In the beginning of Season 4, Kreese himself sought out his old friend Silver’s help to join forces against Daniel and Johnny who were out to bring down Cobra Kai before the All-Valley Tournament. Though Silver was averse to the idea at first, he later did rethink his position, and by Episode 3, he was pretty much in.

So, Silver became Kreese’s co-sensei and Kreese declared that he did not trust anyone in the world more than Silver. However, Johnny’s confrontation of both the senseis of Cobra Kai somehow triggered the events that followed, which ended up being bad for Kreese.

After a huge argument with Johnny, Silver got drunk at the dojo when Stingray approached him to be let into Cobra Kai. Silver beat him up mercilessly but said that he would let Stingray into Cobra Kai on one condition—he had to tell the police that he was assaulted by Kreese and not Silver.

who is the new sensei of cobra kai
John Kreese and Terry Silver

Stingray, being pretty much desperate to get into Cobra Kai, agreed to this condition and falsely framed Kreese for the assault. Kreese was arrested by the police. Silver actually told Kreese that he did it because Kreese was his ‘weakness’, and so he was getting rid of him.

Why Did Silver Betray Kreese in Cobra Kai?

When Silver joined Cobra Kai, he seemed to be willing to join hands with Kreese and serve the dojo. But what has since become clear is that Silver went through some tremendous character development and he is no longer a naïve twenty-year-old whom Kreese can push over.

Besides, Silver had different ideas to lead Cobra Kai which did not really coincide with Kreese’s ideas. What I mean is, the betrayal was not far away. We probably did not guess how it would happen but at some point, Silver would have definitely moved away from Kreese.

Silver realized that Kreese’s main motive behind taking over Cobra Kai was the void that Johnny left when he abandoned him. Silver rightly pointed out that Johnny was actually Kreese’s one and only weakness, due to which Cobra Kai cannot move forward.

Moreover, Johnny was jealous of Silver’s bond with his son Robby Keene which led to a confrontation between them. During the ugly fight, Silver kicked Johnny in front of Kreese to show his loyalty to his old friend and to punish Johnny for his betrayal.

However, Kreese’s reaction was probably not what he expected or desired. Kreese reprimanded Silver for engaging in a fight before the tournament. This turn of events probably confirmed Silver’s belief that Johnny is Kreese’s one true weakness.

So, Silver was convinced by the course of events and his observations that Kreese was not the correct one to lead Cobra Kai which urged him to take steps to take Kreese down for good.

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