Do Nate or Maddy Have Cal and Jules’ Tape in Euphoria Season 2?

Cal and Jules’ encounter caused all the major problems that followed in Euphoria season 1. However, that entire plot point’s resolution wasn’t reached in season 1 and continues in Euphoria season 2.

For those of you who don’t remember, Cal (Nate’s dad) had a sexual encounter with Jules, recorded on his tape. It’s a ritual where he sets up dates with men and the people from the queer community in motels, has sexual encounters with them of different kinds, and records those.

Nate first discovered his father’s rituals when he was a kid and even found Jules’ tape in Euphoria season 1. That stirred up problems for Cal. That and the fact Jules was Nate’s batchmate at school.

So now, who exactly has Cal and Jules’ tape? Since the possession of this tape gives the person immense power and all of Cal’s reputation as the town’s “celebrity” and his entire family is at stake here.

Maddy currently has Cal and Jules’ tape. She stole it from Nate (her boyfriend), watched it, and knows Cal’s doings. This is also one of the reasons why Nate can’t get together with Cassie because if he does, Maddy will have a meltdown and tell everyone.

Here’s another recap of how this went down, considering its 2022 and Euphoria season 1 came way back in 2020.

How Maddy Stole Cal and Jules’ Tape?

While Nate and Maddy were arguing about his sexuality and how he needed to address the fact that he can be into men, Nate dismisses her and knows all of this stems from him watching his dad’s sexual encounters with guys, girls, and queer people when he was just a kid.

Does Nate or Maddy have Cal and Jules’ Tape in Euphoria Season 2?
Maddy and Nate

So Nate storms off the room, and Maddy finds a book with a CD in it. Later in the episode, when nobody’s in her room, we see her take the disc out of a player, implying that she’s watched the CD and now knows what Cal has done.

The Stand-off between Nate and Cal

Now that the catchup session is over, let’s get to the main part. At the end of Euphoria season 2, episode 2, Nate and Cal (his dad) have a conversation. Nate explains how Jules told Rue and Rue told Fez about Cal’s actions. That is pretty much why Nate decided to stand up for his dad and hence got beaten by Fez.

Does Nate or Maddy have Cal and Jules’ Tape in Euphoria Season 2?
Nate & Cal

Nate also drops the bomb on his father that he filmed him having sex with Jules; when his father asks him if he has the tape, the screen goes black, and the credits start rolling.

However, Nate and the audience know the answer to that question. Maddy has Cal and Jules’ tape and can use it as leverage if she ever has a meltdown and gets triggered by Nate or any of his actions.


Whether Nate will lie about it to Cal, claiming he has the tape and use it to get what he wants, or will he tell him the truth is what we’ll find out in upcoming episodes.

Maddy Stole Nate's Dads S*x Tape with Jules EUPHORIA S2 E2

Furthermore, I think Euphoria season 2 might finally expose Cal in one way or another as a pedophile and someone who has extramarital affairs/one-night stands. While this is merely my theory, I can’t wait for it to happen because that man sure does deserve it.

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About Euphoria

Euphoria is a teen drama on HBO that is loosely based on the Israeli series of the same name. The series is written by Sam Levinson and stars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Maude Apatow, Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie, and others.

The show revolves around Rue, a teen drug addict who is also suffering from Bipolar disorder. She meets Jules, a transwoman, and falls in love with her. Euphoria deals with themes of sexual violence, addiction, trauma, and self-identity.

The series was renewed for season 3 in February 2022.

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