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Who Does Itami End Up With In GATE?

Piña Co Lada, Yao Ro Dushi, Lelei La Lalena… Pretty interesting names, right? What if I tell you that these girls belong to a mediocre guy with a weak upbringing and an abusive childhood? Wouldn’t you think he’s such a lucky guy to have all these beautiful girls in his arms after all the trials in his life?

Hello and welcome! Today, I’ll be discussing the women that brought rays of sunshine to our full-blooded otaku boy — Yōji Itami!

As you all know, GATE is an action-packed adventure anime that is full of marauders battling ancient dragons in a chaotic world! But despite its fantasy-centred element, many fans are also intrigued by its reverse-harem plot!

Who do you think will capture our hero’s heart? It’s hard to decide with so many to choose from! But not to worry! I am here to bring you good news by shedding light on who Itami ended up with! 😁

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from GATE.

1. Quick Answer

Itami didn’t choose anybody in the anime. However, there is a potential harem route in the light novels because the women are still with him by the end of the light novels.

In the light novels, Itami did not choose anybody in his romantic circle. So, the manga follows through. Chapters 99 and beyond mirrors the harem ending route of the light novel: it’s still unknown whether Itami will choose a specific romantic female partner.

2. Itami’s Relationships

Here are some of the women involved in Itami’s romantic circle in the light novels and manga:

I. Piña Co Lada

Piña Co Lada is the very representation of traditional feminine beauty. But other than her charismatic nature, she’s a future empress and a trained swordswoman.

Her relationship with Itami is comparable to a fairy tale! She is a princess and he’s the prince, and if they marry together peace will be declared between their lands. Their relationship is dictated by the politics of their nations (the Empire versus Japan), rather than their feelings.

Who does Itami end up with in GATE?
Pina Co Lada | Source: Fandom

Despite the politics, their growing friendship pushes them to grow closer to one another. For example, Itami played along with Piña’s schemes so she can win her battles. And Itami shared otaku culture with her that influences Piña to become a “connoisseuse” of homo-erotic manga!

II. Yao Ro Dushi

Yao is a somber and pessimistic dark elf who’s over 300-years old. But you know what they say, right? Age doesn’t matter in love and romance. 😄 But, when it comes to her romantic relationship with Itami, there’s a strenuous bond between them. 😔

Who does Itami end up with in GATE?
Yao Ro Dushi | Source: Fandom

Their relationship is basically master-and-servant. Yao doesn’t just bow to him, she serves him! She views herself as a slave to his love and as a slave to his influence. But Itami perceives this as an unhealthy relationship. He doesn’t want to subdue Yao as a domestic servant, even if he possesses such power to potentially abuse Yao.

III. Lelei La Lalena

Lelei is a 16-year-old beauty who seems like a husband to Itami. And that’s because of the “Three Nights Ceremony” that certifies her bond with him as if they’re a married couple!

Who does Itami end up with in GATE?
Lelei | Source: Fandom

Aside from this special bond, there are small moments that punctuate their sweet moments. Small head pats by Itami surprise Lelei. These small acts may be subtle, but they do tickle Lelei’s romantic feelings, if only a little.

As for Itami, it’s sad to think that he doesn’t see her as a woman. In his opinion, they’re not compatible. And it’s not because she’s too young, rather, it’s because of a mismatch in their personalities.

IV. Rory Mercury

Many women think that this dark-haired and adorable character is “best girl” in the show. After all, with her superhuman strength and immortal powers as an apostle of Emloy, she is lethal!

Despite her sadistic and aggressive tendencies towards him, Itami saved Rory from the Arachnid Warrior Bugs. That’s one proof that he cares for Rory.

Who does Itami end up with in GATE?
Rory Mercury | Source: Fandom

Same thing for Rory. Her love may be aggressive; but she still removed a Humvee obstacle with her bare hands so Itami and his crew can cross narrow mountain paths safely.

What cements her romantic relationship with Itami, though, is her blood pact with him! Whenever Itami is inflicted with injuries, they get transferred to Rory. Hence, Rory became the receiving end of Itami’s pains. Now that’s love!

V. Tuka Luna Marceau

There is an awkward relationship between Tuka and Itami because it’s deemed to be a father and daughter relationship. Itami is fond of Tuka, but she calls him “father” to Itami’s embarrassment.

Why does she call him “otou-san”? Well, it’s because Tuka has a father complex. She had a hard time dealing with his father’s loss. And so, she perceives Tuka as a father substitute, which hinders their romantic progress.

Who does Itami end up with in GATE?
Tuka Luna Marceau | Source: Fandom

Tuka ceased calling Itami “father” when he helped Tuka kill the Flame Dragon (the dragon that took her father’s life). And even though she’s a lesbian, she declared a marriage between them and slept nude when she entered his bedroom.

3. Conclusion

So, there you have it. These are the 5 women encircling the harem of Itami. Which of them is your favourite? And which of them do you think is best for Itami? Let us know in the comments below. 😁

Gate Itami's Wife!!!?
Gate Itami’s Wife!!?

4. About GATE

GATE follows the story of Youji Itami, an off-duty JSDF (Japan Self Defence Forces) officer, who was on his way to an otaku event in Ginza, Tokyo. Suddenly, the city is attacked by an army of supernatural creatures in medieval attire!

The source of these supernatural beings is a mysterious gate that opened in the city’s middle districts. Itami saves as many civilians as he could, but the city is left shattered after the attack.

Three months after the accident, Itami is assigned as the leader of a task force. The mission of the force is to venture into the mysterious land through the gate in order to gather more information about the strange land and hopefully save the world from a devastating future.

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